2022 Top Christmas Trends for the Holidays

Indulge in the joys of decorating your most precious spaces with BLOOM's recommendations. Get ready to sleigh your Christmas ornaments with these trends.

By: THURSD. | 17-11-2022 | 4 min read
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The jolliest, and one of the most beautiful holidays is right around the corner. Christmas time is almost here, and with this time of the year comes much fun, bright, and cozy trends to decorate your spaces at home. According to BLOOM's, these are the four Christmas trends that will become a must for a thriving holiday environment.

A Complete Christmas Trends Guide

The best and most trendy Christmas decoration ideas are provided by the top German special interest publisher for the green and decorative sector, BLOOM's. In this edition, Klaus Wagener and his team share inspirational X-mas decor ideas that will create something you want this Christmas: flowers and beautiful ornaments.

Four Christmas Trends for the Best X-Mas Decoration

What are you really dreaming of for this Christmas? For us, it's a combination of flowers and cozy-themed decorative spots. According to the renowned florist, Klaus Wagener, these are the four main trends that'll take over the merriest seasons of all. To kick off the Christmas spirit, we'll start with the Christmas Silence trend, followed by the Christmas Landscape, Christmas Fairytale, and Christmas Cottage trend. Pay close attention because these Christmas trends will have you head over heels under the mistletoe.


Bloom's Christmas Trends on Thursd


1. Christmas Silence

The clock is ticking and all we can say is... Christmas is coming, and it's coming fast! During this holiday, people yearn for their treasured tradition in the face of all crises and issues because it gives them emotional inner security despite all exterior changes. To help you all get ready for the busiest time of the year, BLOOM's shares its first Christmas trend for 2022.

An atmosphere full of brightness and softness is created by restrained hues, gentle shapes, and tactile materials. This exudes peace and familiarity at the same time, along with the locals. the ideal setting for a holiday retreat where mindfulness rules and you can once again think about yourself.



2. Christmas Landscape

Visible craftsmanship, the honesty of a rough landscape, authentic design, and a natural ambiance is the framework factor of these new BLOOM's trend styles. Below is everything you need to know about this “Christmas Landscape” trend so that you can start the season with the highest sales of the year well prepared.



Some well-known shapes, natural aspects, and seemingly familiar things make up the 'Christmas Landscape' trend. Rough surfaces with handicraft use or production aspects stand up against glamor and glory. Rather matt appearances ensure homely and familiar feelings, which also unfold their charm in a sensual, dark color.


Bloom's Christmas Trend Landscape on Thursd

3. Christmas Fairytale

One of the four BLOOM's trends 'Christmas Fairytale' will for sure become very popular for this year's Christmas celebrations and the team from BLOOM's make sure to tell you about it so that you can all be well prepared for the busiest season of the year.


You might be wondering, what characterizes the "Christmas Fairytale' trend? It involves a whole lot of forest vibes full of lush and mystical things where dreams and reality blur into an imaginative fairytale world. In this ambiance, in which naturalness and elegance merge harmoniously, Christmas becomes a celebration full of warmth and emotions. And so that the floristry illuminates the mystical, atmospheric effect, special florals, such as colorful orchid blossoms, are combined with different types of green.




4. Christmas Cottage

Longing memories always resonate at the most important of all festivals. On this occasion, BLOOM's presents the last of Christmas trends 'Christmas Cottage' so that you can all be well prepared for the busiest season of the year.

The longing for a rural idyll gives new meaning to traditional values. Old treasures, loved ones, and tried and tested items are not only used to conserve resources. In combination with modern design, they bring that little bit of familiarity that makes you think of dreamy winter days far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


What Are You Waiting to Start Your 2022 Christmas Trendsetting?

Now that BLOOM's has provided four of the most popular Christmas trends for 2022, you're all set to embark on an amazing decorative journey. Which is your favorite? All we know is it's a great time to start on those Christmas decor goodies starting today!



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