2020 Flower Novelties by Decorum

Enjoy these eight outstanding flowers proudly presented by Decorum and their growers

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2020 | 3 min read
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Premium Quality of Selected Growers

Decorum Company – Plants & Flowers is a growers’ cooperative with more than fifty members. Together these growers market more than 4,000 products under this brand. The quality brand Decorum Company has been a household name in international trade since 1999. A club of specially selected, passionate plant and flower growers forms the basis for this. They stand for quality, sustainability, and innovation. That is their brand promise: "To us, plants and flowers are the most beautiful things in the world, and that is why we cultivate flowers and plants of the finest quality." Decorum growers are carefully selected. Our growers know what it takes to grow premier plants and flowers; quality and innovation are key. Only the very best products from the greenhouse, measured against a predetermined benchmark quality, are marketed under the Decorum label. Only the premium quality products of our selected growers are being labeled as Decorum. Also, because Decorum products are grown with lots of passion and love, they truly last longer!

The Plant Novelties for 2020

Enjoy these eight outstanding novelties proudly presented by Decorum and their growers. Some varieties are nominated for the prestigious Royal FloraHolland Glass Tulip Award 2021.

Chrysanthemum Capriool Grower: Arcadia Chrysanten

The novelty is characterized by beautiful spider-shaped flowers formed by numerous narrow, long string petals. From the moment the Capriool is delivered, the flower will increasingly unfold its string petals to a diameter of about 10 cm. The fresh soft pink flower is sure to stand out in bouquets. But also as a mono bouquet, the novelty is striking.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Chrysanthemum Capriool

Chrysanthemum Gustav Grower: Arcadia Chrysanten

Arcadia Chrysanten launches the new disbud chrysanthemum "Gustav". The demand for various colors of pompoms has increased considerably in recent years. After the successful introductions of Momoko and Alibaba, the third color of pompon now follows. Gustav distinguishes itself from the entire chrysanthemum assortment by its bright purple color and large flower size. Gustav will be supplied to the various auctions all year round.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Chrysanthemum Gustav

Gerbera Barbados Grower: Jac. Oudijk Gerbera's

Dream away with this sunny germini. It's like lying on an extremely white beach with an azure blue sea and palm trees all around. How good does that sound these days?! Now that it is not possible to travel for a while you can still dream away to a divine Caribbean destination. Barbados is a beautiful solid mini gerbera with a black heart. The flower is orange with a fresh yellow flame towards the outside. Breeding by Schreurs.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Gerbera Barbados

Gerbera Maldini Grower: Jac. Oudijk Gerbera's

A legendary germini is introduced with the name Maldini. Maldini is a sweet soft pink flower with a light white hint. Due to its black heart, however, there is also a spirit in the flower, and it is bound to give it a shiny career. Breeding by Dümmen Orange.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Gerbera Maldini

Lisianthus Giant White Grower: Montana Lisianthus

Like its name already says, the lisianthus Giant White has big filled pure white flowers. The long branch looks very elegant as a mono bunch and as a shiny eye-catcher in any bouquet in any season.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Lisianthus Giant White

Alstroemeria Avianna Grower: Together2Grow

Nominated for the 2021 Royal FloraHolland Glass Tulip Award. Avianna has a large flower with an even pink color and a white heart. The pink color is also visible in the bud. Compared to other varieties, Avianna also has a very sturdy branch of high quality. This not only gives the flower an elegant appearance, but it also ensures that the branch holds up well in a mixed bouquet or as a mono bunch.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Alstroemeria Avianna

Spray Rose Artesia Grower: Van Seters

This spray rose has a special flower shape and thick flower buds. The flower of the Artesia is bicolor.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Spray Rose Artesia

Spray Rose Pink Yo-Yo Grower: Van Seters

The Pink Yo-Yo, a special name for a striking variety. This spray rose is intensely pink and has many flowers per stem.

TOTF2020 Decorum Flower Novelties
Spray Rose Pink Yo-Yo

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