3 Types of Foliage from Evanthia That Will Elevate Your Floral Designs

Having a steady supply of foliage is key to successfully making bouquets throughout the season — greenery can make or break a flower arrangement.

By: THURSD. | 17-02-2022 | 4 min read

Both in commercial cut-flower production and in the backyard cutting garden, fillers and foliage form the backbone of cut-flower arrangements. But with so many bright and beautiful flowers available, it's really easy to overlook the types of foliage and fillers that accompany them. However, it's those fillers and greenery that can really complement and complete the design because, besides interest, they add texture and shape to floral decor and arrangements.

Fillers and Foliage - The Backbone of Floral Arrangements

Those beautiful greens can give arrangements a lush, full, and balanced appearance. They offer background color and when selecting types of foliage that work with your design, tie together all the blooms. Perhaps a little underappreciated by many, foliage and fillers are the workhorses of bouquets and indispensable in flower shops. 



3 Types of Foliage from Evanthia

Having a steady supply of foliage is key to successfully making bouquets throughout the season — greenery can make or break a flower arrangement. When used correctly, foliage adds interest and variety and is an attractive companion to an assortment of floral designs. While it's up to you what types of greenery you choose to accessorize with, here are three beautiful greens from Evanthia that will elevate your floral designs. 


Green plants are HOT at the moment. And with the asparagus fern, you can go in so many different directions that the number of options might dazzle you. Asparagus is a true all-rounder, very reliable, easy to grow, and useful in a wide variety of designs - not to mention all the different shapes, forms, and growth habits. 


Best foliage for bouquets asparagus fern from Evanthia - on Thursd

Image via @jungleinmyard


Asparagus fern is a super versatile, stunning ornamental shrub native to the (sub)tropical parts of southeastern Africa. Its common name 'asparagus fern' is a bit deceptive, seeing as it's not a true fern at all but a member of the Asparagaceae or Liliaceae family (depending on the classification system you use). Along with the edible asparagus officinalis, the ornamental asparagus belongs to the genus Asparagus, which includes over 300 other species. A huge and very diverse clan.


Wild and free garden-style bridal bouquet by @rosegold__events



Stunning pale-green leaves, neat and airy branches, a lovely aromatic scent; eucalyptus fits perfectly into today's bouquets and displays. Because of its versatility and many qualities, eucalyptus is a preferred species for commercial production of both floral foliage and eucalyptus trees. 


Best foliage and fillers for bouquets - eucalyptus from Evanthia - on Thursd

Eucalyptus wreath via @craftyminiratka


Eucalyptus is often characterized by its alluring matte green hues that, depending on the variety, feature beautiful shades of blue and gray. It pairs great with whites and pastels and thanks to its thin, bendable branches that mirror those of ivy, eucalyptus is ideal for decorative wreaths and displays. Eucalyptus, just like Asparagus fern, also lends itself perfectly for drying and coloring, providing florists with even more floral design options. 


Floral designs via @bosco_forli & @fakeitflowers



More than just a famous houseplant, the monstera leaves are also loved in floral designs. Greenery has been incredibly popular this year - especially tropical greenery. So popular, that you'll see the monstera leaves beyond floristry as well, from wallpaper to the catwalks in Paris. Monstera comes from the Latin word for 'monstrous', which fits perfectly considering these leaves can get pretty large. Monstera comes in a green, glossy color and has natural holes throughout its laterals. 
Best foliage for floral designs - tropical monstera leaves - Evanthia on Thursd
Wedding design via @flowersbyro
Trending, in general, is the generous use of leaves and greenery for chuppahs, arches, altarpieces, and backdrops. Tropical leaves are the newest entry and provide brides and their designers with a dramatic new element to add to the mix. Better still, these green beauties are available year-round, so any wedding date or planned event can be a part of this moment with no workarounds or sacrifices. Because texturing and proportions are so vital to a more refined aesthetic, monstera’s large size, its smooth, shiny surface, and one-of-a-kind blades make it a visual addition unlike any other.
Monstera leaf designs via @sweetrootvillage & @buketisfloraldesign
Monstera leaves work wonderfully any way you arrange them. If you choose smaller leaves it allows them to work beautifully in a bridal bouquet or centerpiece. If you're going for a tropical look or you simply like monstera, play with its different sizes and let everyone compliment you on your designs!


Evanthia is your ultimate source who, with the help of a large, international network, will look for the most special green plants for you. Evanthia supplies seeds, but also young plants from seeds, cuttings, and tissue culture to give professional growers the best start possible. Thanks to their network, knowledge of cultivation, sales expertise, and an extensive range of products, Evanthia has become a one-stop-shop for everyone who is already active or wants to start in green plants. 



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