4 Key Color Trends in 2020

Color Marketing Group releases color trend vision

By: THURSD. | 29-12-2019 | 4 min read

The Color Marketing Group released their 2020+ Key Colors World Color Forecast! Seed of Life (warm neutral beige), Feel Real (clay-like pink), Electrum (greenish-gold) and Ver-de Verdad (grayed deep green) lead the way! With the new year around the corner, you can already get inspired by these Four Key Color Trends and give your own touch to your arrangements.

Seed of Life

Creating a base color from which others can grow, Seed of Life delivers a statement of simplicity and origin as it offers direction counter to the busy-ness of life. Such is the trend-forward message of Seed of Life, the Asia Pacific Key Color for 2020+. Born of nature, this warm, neutral beige succeeds in adding a sense of calm, and connection amidst modern scenes. Nature and sustainability continue to be important trend directions and Seed of Life offers a glimpse to the story behind the trend. It is the color of seeds, grains, and of dried grasses wafting in the breeze, it connects us to the earth, to our food sources, and ultimately, to one another. Seed of Life represents the staples of life. Seed of Life is the antithesis of rampant technology; it is the color for going off-road, for exploring, and for returning to one’s roots. It becomes the chromatic off-button to wind down and inhale a moment. Dealing with unhealthy work environments, managing our own time schedules, and accepting a self-focus that is imperfect, but unpressured, Seed of Life relieves tension.

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Feel Real

Feel Real, the 2020+ key trend color for Europe is a color for life’s journeys and experiences. Despite our augmented, virtual, sometimes disconnected world, at the end of the day, we need to truly take part in life. Feel Real offers a grounding effect to keep us in touch with our surroundings, and each other. It is an Earth inspired brown, with subtle pink undertones, that can seemingly engage multiple senses. You can practically touch and smell the sweetness of this clay-like color. Engaging with the aromatic and tactile is a trend for living and design. Scent is considered the most memorable of senses and a familiar perfume, food, or even a crayon, can evoke recollections from decades past. A scent can make a memory “Feel Real” and stimulate a visual image of a moment in time, special event, or loved one.

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A color of alternating currents, Electrum is the 2020+ key trend color for North America. The complex, green influenced gold has a chameleon quality that allows it to shift between the two hues, and take on altered energy in concert with other hues. This is not a chameleon color to match the background, but one to enhance it. The green and gold essences of Electrum represent different paths as 2020+ approaches, and symbolize the complexity of the future. The green element can signify beneficial components, be empowering and certainly represents the continuing trend of environmental awareness, but it’s no longer simply awareness, it is action. Discerning new uses of vegetation and algae as biofuels, and alternate protein sources, as well as building materials, will better connect us to the planet and help reassess how we use our resources. The green is also a warning of the poisonous effect many of our actions have on our world. It is a sophisticated green that sparks discussion, planning, and engagement. Electrum is energizing as a color with which to take heed. Be bold, fix things, and be ready to celebrate the beauty that green can create.

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Perceiving everything around us with a new perspective, and determining our action, is a key trend in color and design, and life. It forms the foundation from which Latin America’s 2020+ Key Color, Ver-de-verdad, was created. “Ver-de-verdad” translates to seeing things how they are and how they are evolving. An expressive green color, balanced with yellow and toned with black, Ver-de-verdad is a hue that represents an increased awareness and knowledge. Once we’ve recognized our issues and challenges, we shall approach concepts from a proactive perspective; we can no longer stand idly by and merely observe what happens. We must be aware, we must engage, we must protect, and we must act in the interest of everyone, and everything, on the planet. Ver-de-verdad is the catalyst hue for new building materials and construction methods. It reminds us that we cannot treat refuse in a cavalier manner, we must respect our environment, and that every act matters. It immediately connects to who we are, where we are, and where we need to be.

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