4 of the Best Pond Flowers

Find out the benefits behind having pond flowers, from helping fish, to adding a pop of color and helping with water oxygenation.

By: THURSD | 18-05-2022 | 3 min read
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Best Pond Flowers - on Thursd

Flowers are a great addition to any pond. They perform a few important roles. If you have fish, the leaves will give them cover to hide under. It can also improve the oxygenation in the water, keeping your pond healthy.

4 Best Pond Flowers

Most importantly, though, they add a pop of color. There are plenty of plants you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular low-maintenance pond flowers.

Yellow Flag Iris

Yellow Flag Iris Pond Plant- on Thursd


Let’s start by looking at a popular marginal plant. This variety gets its name because they grow around the edge of the pond. This can help blend the border of the pond with the surrounding landscape. The yellow flag iris is known for its yellow blooms and long green leaves. 

One of the things that make this flower so appealing is how easy it is to grow, as long as you put them in a sunny area. Though this can mean that they can become an invasive species, taking over the pond. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to plant them in a container. If you want more tips on successfully growing a yellow iris, check out this article

Another potential problem is that this flower can prove toxic to animals. While it is unlikely to be fatal, it can make them feel sick if they eat a high dose. 


Water Lilly

If you want to add more color to your pond, a water lily is an ideal option. There are plenty of species, with many unique hues. These are easy to plant and won’t require a lot of maintenance. Plus, they are a hardy species. You don’t need to remove them from the pond during the winter months. They’ll be fine as long as the water doesn’t freeze over.  If you have a smaller pond, you can grow them in a container. This article has some tips to help you plant them properly. 

Water Lilly Best Pond Plant- on Thursd



If you are looking for a low-maintenance floating plant, you might want to consider using duckweed. They will grow and reproduce quickly. If you have koi, they’ll often take a nibble at this plant. It’s also ideal for waterfowl. 

Duckweed Pond Plant- on Thursd


But you do need to be careful. Because they reproduce so fast, they can often overtake a pond. When this happens, it can block out light and oxygen, killing any other plants. 


Water Poppy

Lilies in pond

Another beautiful floating flower is a water poppy. This will provide beautiful flowers throughout the summer months. Plus, it is super easy to grow. You just need to place it in a location that gets direct sunlight.

If you get a harsh winter, you might have to take it out of the pond, and storing it in a container. When the temperatures rise in the spring, it’s time to put it back into the pond. 

Growing Pond Flowers

Each of the species we’ve mentioned is easy to grow. But there are a few ways to give them the best start in life. 

First, you should be using topsoil. This is heavier, so it won’t float away. It’s also a good idea to sprinkle pea gravel over the roots, to contain the soil. 

Caring for Pond Plants- on Thursd


As the plants grow, they will drop leaves and old blooms. This is normal. But it can create the circumstances for an algal bloom. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to keep the bottom of the pond clean. To help you do this, check out this list of the best pond vacuums

Pond Flowers are a Great Option

Some beautiful flowers can turn your pond from dull to delightful. The good news is that there is plenty of hardy, low-maintenance plants that are suitable for any pond. So, visit your local garden center and get started.  



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