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Attention energises and intention transforms

By: THURSD. | 22-04-2020 | 6 min read
Rise with EMC
Tomas De Bruyne is one of the world's most famous floral designers. He is an influencer, a coach, and he is the inspirator behind EMC, a floral education organization. You can see the Instagram channel here. In this time of COVID-19 Tomas has some interesting insights about what we are all dealing with and what we should and could do.  In this interview, you can read more about his views and insights. According to Tomas, it is a time to reset. To act, and to be creative.
Tomas De Bruyne:
Let's dream together that this crazy crisis brings something good to all of us. Let's give mother Earth and humanity a chance to recover and heal. When this virus craziness is over, we don't have to go on with what we are already doing. Maybe we have to like, push the reset button. And start from scratch.

Time to reset, A Tomas De Bruyne Interview on Thursd.

Tomas De Bruyne starts talking about his views on the COVID-19 pandemic
This pandemic is not about something abstract, it's about us. About you and me, and our behaviors towards others. I see it as an eye-opener, a new beginning of how we can approach the real values in ours and others lifes. The measures of self isolation and social distancing that are being imposed really take us all out of our comfort zone and place us in a place which is probably most uncomfortable to many of us: the inner self! We have to be able to see this as an opportunity, not as a sacrifice. If you cannot go outside, go inside! It seems we are going from a global way of living to a, literally, local way. This reflects as well on our environmental benefits and footprints we make.
So, what shall we do?
We’ll have to find new ways; reinvent how we proceed. The virus is forcing us to slow down from continuous rat-race we live in. With burnouts and stress. And with the result-only driven strategies in our companies and our lives. This is the time to reset our values on all levels: individual, business, region, countries, our entire society. So, stay safe and let's press the reset button!
What do you think this world will look like after these difficult times?
As time passes at a slower pace we are starting to feel the hit from the restrictive measures that put all our business on h It will take some new insights to build a new economy. This new economy cannot be built from the same mindset that has developed it up until before the pandemic. Thus, I believe it is quite obvious that we can speak from a pre-and post-Corona time. We have to acknowledge the world needs another approach to be lived on. There is a massive growing awareness amongst the younger generation. We have to be open to their vision as there are, de facto, the future of the world. BUT their vision needs our wisdom as well, to make sure the same mistakes are not repeated.
I somehow believe the future economy will evolve more around the bartering systems where the client becomes central instead of the product itself. We sometimes forget that the value of our products is at the end given by the people and how they perceive it. I don't know the solution to surpassing this pandemic but to deal with its effects, that all starts with me. And how I react to my loved ones, to my peers well-being. It will take some adjustment to adapt myself to a new way of living with lesser choices and most certainly fewer local products.
So, what you say is people should take responsibility for the choices and energy they take and bring into this world?
Yes in fact: LESS IS MORE. And the value of this expression has once again been proven by the situation we are facing. The consumer market nowadays is so focused on “to buy”! Soon, we will realize how many more options and choices we really have. We can create, build, change, reuse, recycle, upcycle, reduce, inspire and the list goes on. Look at the number of companies building ox-chain machines going from car industries to Airco companies, etc… This shows creativity, resilience and empathy as they give it for free to the ones in need. I encourage you to fill in the blanks with your own choices and create your own way of discovering the power of creativity: What does YOUR world believe in?
Do you have any tips for the readers?
Attention energises and intention transforms! In this times my personal focus is to keep working and keep positive, I encourage you to do the same: share your ideas, we would love to hear from you and learn what you are doing to support your clients and your business during this unseen time! Have a vision! Create clear, attractive goals in the right structure. Never think small Seeing the big picture is strongly determined by having a positive attitude and visualising the future. Ignore the naysayers Your mental reality is unique, what is a NO for one person can be a YES for somebody else. Work smart that does not exclude working hard as as well. Dare to invest in success! Be generous one cannot only take, one has to also give and share to others. Surround yourself with smart people. I challenge you to find your own set of rules, by remembering that where the focus goes, the energy flows! Be safe, but be active!
And some final words
Growth only comes from intention, the pure intention to become better. Becoming the greatest version of yourself is so much more than a good motto. It is truly a state of mind that helps you achieve your goals. Nowadays self education is the biggest way to grow: you can go as fast or in depth as you want. I believe that how the student focuses on processing information is what truly makes the difference. The biggest enemy of creativity is doubt and insecurity: doubting your ideas is the worst thing you can do. I challenge you because I want you to learn more about yourself. Let's do this exercise together: What motivates you? What is your story? Where do you want to be with your business? What's your identity? Take a piece of paper and start thinking… It will help you to focus on your goals. CREATIVITY must become the most active virus nowadays! Let's be creative.
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