Alex Brouwers Connects Flowers and Music

We connect flowers and music to give people comfort and happiness

By: THURSD. | 25-03-2020 | 2 min read
Out-of-the-business interview with Dutch show director Alex Brouwers
Visualize a few lungs with a huge flower and plant artwork to support the floriculture sector during the corona crisis: with this idea Alex Brouwers and renowned Dutch flower stylist Sarah Dikker started their initiative #flowers4oxygen. Alex, show director of major public events in the music industry for AB Productions, talks about the origin and purpose of their connecting concept.
No waiting, but take action
Sarah and Alex saw that many people were waiting for how the corona crisis would develop. They decided not to wait, but to take action while this is still possible. Together they engaged their network and involved various parties from the floriculture and the media in their project #flowers4oxygen, including the tourist hotspot flower park Keukenhof.
Alex Brouwers AB Productions in studio - on Thursd
Alex Brouwers (with green sweater) at his regular job: prepping for a big show in an Amsterdam stadium
Life-size artwork
During these first days of the corona crisis this team worked hard on the life-size work of art at the grounds of Keukenhof and behind the scenes. “We often see a sea of flowers at large events that offers comfort to people,” explains Alex. "This image gave rise to the idea of creating a logo that establishes the relationship between corona, a respiratory tract infection, and the positive properties of flowers and plants." Our lungs are a vital organ. People with respiratory complaints are especially at risk. Studies show that flowers and plants contribute positively to our health. For example, flowers make people happy, while plants purify the air and give us oxygen. “With our large artwork of flowers and plants we virtually fill the lungs with oxygen,” says Alex.
When the lungs in Keukenhof are ready, Alex hopes the music industry, artists, comedians and other artists will also embrace this project. After all, flowers/plants and music both offer comfort, joy and cheerfulness and thus have a connecting function. "We want to bring these two worlds together, connecting flowers and music," he says. “If it’s up to me, we will continue to build lungs in the huge Amsterdam music venue Ziggo Dome. With a podium and via online channels we can then jointly create a positive movement with the theme #flowers4oxygen.”
Alex Brouwers and O'G3NE
Alex Brouwers with Dutch three-piece girl group O'G3NE
Larger movement
Alex concludes: “I have silent hope that a larger movement will start in which we can express our feelings together. We also want to encourage people to continue buying flowers and plants. For themselves, and also for each other.” Interview: Tekstbureau Met Anne Read about #flowers4oxygen on Thursd.



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