An English Country Wedding

A fabulous wedding day, set in the heart of the English countryside

By: THURSD. | 12-10-2019 | 1 min read
The people from David Austin Wedding & Event Roses have been busy preparing for a fabulous wedding day, set in the heart of the English countryside.  Watch a rose-filled moment unfold as all aspects of this special occasion are festooned in glorious roses from our cut rose collection. An English Country Wedding was a very personal creation by the David Austin team but equally, every wedding around the world is different, which we truly celebrate.  The David Austin mantra is always be true to yourself.  The most distinctive style is one infused with personal touches and considered details.  From the roses you hold in your hands to those that create a magical sense of theatre for family and friends. Be personal, be authentic and be breath-taking.  Be inspired by beauty all around you, in whatever shape that takes… love will always shine through. The final flurry of activity – the banqueting table is bedecked with beautiful tapered candles, the champagne is on ice and the blush pink roses of Constance (Austruss) and Keira (Ausboxer) come alive in the beautiful late afternoon light. David Austin wedding article on Thursd wedding A close-up shot of the mesmerising blush pink roses of Keira (Ausboxer) and Constance (Austruss), nestled alongside their companions of ammi, snowberries and abelia, which provide the added textural detail. David Austin wedding article on Thursd rose Keira


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