Avalanche+ Roses in Rome for Urbi et Orbi

This year 30,000 Avalanche+ Roses arrived in Rome for Easter

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Thousands of Avalanche+ Roses from breeder Dümmen Orange, grown by nursery Meijer Roses have - blessed and well - arrived in Rome. There they serve as a decoration this weekend when the Pope gives his traditional Easter blessing Urbi et Orbi. The Rotterdam Bishop Hans van den Hende blessed the flowers on Monday afternoon.


Avalanche+ Roses for Rome

Normally the flowers are used to decorate the square in front of the church, but because of corona people are not allowed to come. So this year the flowers can be seen inside St. Peter's Basilica. The Limburg florist Paul Deckers is the chief arranger of the Dutch flower tribute in Vatican City.


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Paul Deckers:

"It is a gesture of mercy and connection. A connection of more than 35 years. Rome is in lockdown until after Easter. As a sign of hope, roses are also given to elderly people in care centers in Rome. Last year, the approximately 20,000 roses intended for Rome went to healthcare in the Netherlands. This year they are going to Rome. We want to do something for Rome. I know the Pope likes the Avalanche+ rose very much. We've sent the roses in four colors. The roses symbolize new life, spring. And arrived on Maudy Thursday."



A Wonderful Tradition for Many Years

Flowers from the Netherlands at the Easter Mass in Rome have been a fact for many years. And just like his predecessors, Pope Francis speaks the ‘ Urbi et Orbi’ in mass, after wishing all contributors a Happy Easter and thanking the team personally for the beautiful flowers at Saint Peter’s Square. The Pope speaks both the Easter Blessing and the Thank You in Italian, and journalists worldwide translate the entire speech into all languages. More than 1 billion people see the ​​flowers from the Netherlands and hear the acknowledgment. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Dutch team led by Paul Deckers. In 2018, the Pope even called for applause for the flowers!


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Since 1988

In 1988 Paul Deckers went to Rome for the first time to participate in the decoration of the square and the Pope’s balcony for the Easter Mass. First as one of the flower arrangers in the team of Charles Van der Voort from Leiden. In 2015, he succeeded Van der Voort as chief designer and project manager of the flower decorations of Saint Peter Square. Every year since Paul Deckers uses a different flower as an eye-catcher in the project.


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Preparations in a Normal Year

This project takes several months of preparation before getting to work in Vatican City at Easter. All-natural products and materials, except for the grass pieces, are brought from the Netherlands. Flower bulbs are grown, stored in cold storage, and put back into greenhouses a few days before the trip to Rome to ensure simultaneous blooming. In Rome itself, there is little time, so these meticulous preparations are necessary. The #bloemenvoordepaus (flowers for the pope) convoy leaves for Rome the Tuesday before Easter. The Bishop of Rotterdam traditionally blesses the flowers for a ‘safe voyage’. The transport is quite large as about 30 tons of plants and vegetation has to be sent to Rome, for instance, bulb flowers, many single flowers, shrubs, and even tall trees.



In Rome

Every year, 25 contributors depart for Rome. The flower arrangements are prepared on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Easter Saturday sees the decorations at Saint Peter Square itself. Early in the morning on Easter Sunday are finalizing and checks. After the mass, the flowers remain in location for a few days. Then the employees of the Vatican Gardens clean everything up and move the remaining plants into the gardens of the Vatican. Flower arrangements are sent to hospitals, nursing homes, and churches in the area.


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Papal Distinction

Pope Francis is Paul Deckers' third consecutive Pope. Paul has been part of the design and execution team for flower arrangements in Rome since 1988. In 2015, Paul became the head designer/project manager of the Rome project. In that same year, Paul Deckers received the Papal award ‘Bene Merenti’ from Pope Francis for his effort and merit.


"Each year it is a very honorable and beautiful assignment. But to receive a Papal award from Pope Francis I for my many years of dedication to the flower decorations in Rome and became head designer in the same year. A crowning glory"


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