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Introducing a complete line of sustainable flower food packaging

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2020 | 3 min read
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Find Solutions to Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle

Chrysal introduces a complete line of sustainable flower food packaging. The growing challenge of plastics in the environment means it is more urgent than ever to find solutions to reduce, re-use, and recycle. TOTF2020 Chrysal

New Sachets

The line of sustainable flower food packaging compromises of our compostable sachet, the new recyclable plastic sachet, and new paper sachet. With these new sachets, we contribute to a circular environment, in which we not only use less plastic, but the plastic we do use can either be reused, recycled, or composted. Our goal is to be the most sustainable partner in the flower industry, constantly working to reduce flower wastage, water use, and packaging materials thus integrating sustainability into our strategy.

Greenovation Award 2019 Nomination

Our new line of sustainable flower food packaging contains our compostable sachet, recyclable plastic sachet, and paper sachet. Last year we introduced our compostable sachet, fully industrial compostable in the same time as a banana skin. The sachet has been nominated for the Greenovation Award 2019, an award given to a sustainably produced product or concept by Royal FloraHolland. And now we also introduce our new recyclable plastic sachet and paper sachet. Our recyclable plastic flower food sachet is made from fully recyclable plastic and contributes to a circular environment. The paper sachet is made of ECF pulp and has a bio-based coating. This means the sachet can be thrown away in the paper bin. The benefits of recycling and reducing our plastic waste are enormous. It means saving raw materials, energy, and water.
TOTF2020 Chrysal
Chrysal Fully Compostable Sachet

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

It is our ambition to be the most sustainable partner in the flower industry. Ten years ago we started with Chrysal Cares, our sustainability program. By using Chrysal products, significantly less water is used and flower wastage and packaging materials reduce. Peter Vriends, Chrysal CEO: "Our goal is to make our packaging sustainable through the Reduce, Re-use and Recycle principle and to contribute to our sustainability goals and those of our customers. We are looking at all of our packagings and one of the steps we are taking is introducing a recyclable flower food sachet. In 2022 we want 50 percent of our sachets packaging to be either recyclable, compostable, or reusable." We continue to work hard on solutions to reduce our footprint, contribute to a circular environment, and make the chain more sustainable in order to contribute to a better world.

Chrysal, Nurturing Beauty

The benefits of recycling and reducing our plastic waste are enormous. It means saving raw materials, energy, and water. Do you want to know more about our sustainable flower food packaging? Or about sustainability at Chrysal and what Chrysal can do for you? TOTF2020 Chrysal

Chrysal International

Chrysal is a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and worldwide market leader in flower care. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of cut flowers and potted plants in your own home, Chrysal has products to keep them looking fresh for longer. Through more than 90 years of experience and innovation, a commitment to quality, and an on-going search for sustainable solutions, we aim to meet our customers’ needs – today ánd tomorrow. The result? Flowers and plants that last longer, happy customers, and, in the end, a more beautiful world. Chrysal. Nurturing beauty. Do you want to read more about Chrysal's contribution to the environment with their sustainable sachets? Go to this link at the Chrysal website. Watch this 3-minute video about sustainable sachets: Care tips 1-minute video about the compostable sachet: Time-lapse 1-minute video of the recyclable sachet:

Contact Chrysal

Contact Chrysal for more information: Niek Koopmans Phone: +31 6 27 26 97 89 Email: [email protected] TOTF2020 Chrysal



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