Clematis. So Amazing!

Bred to perfection

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2020 | 3 min read
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Clematis Amazing® Conquers the World

After decades of breeding, the clematis as a cut flower is well established in the florist world. This special flower, more commonly known as a garden plant, gives that extra special touch to any bouquet. It is truly unique, and not without reason. TOTF2020 Marginpar

A Difficult Breed

Turning garden plants into cut flowers is not an easy task. Of course, any flower from your garden can be put in a vase; but if you sell flowers for a living, you want to provide your customers with only the best quality, right? The clematis Amazing® series is grown by Marginpar. Quality flowers are what they are known for. And with the clematis, that is not an easy task.

Only the Best Continue

It takes around ten years to create a new clematis variety. The fertilization of the clematis is carefully done by hand, with pollen stamen and pistils. With a clear goal: a specific characteristic, better, stronger, and above all something that is not yet available in the market. The "parents" are carefully selected. And after fertilizing the waiting starts. The seeds are sown, grown, weaned. After two or three years it is visible whether the plant has the right characteristics and the first selection follows. Only the best continue. The X-factor of the flora. The selection is increased by cuttings.
TOTF2020 Marginpar
Clematis Amazing® Blue Pirouette

Off to Africa

After two years of cuttings, a part can go to the Marginpar farm in Tanzania. It is tested whether they also grow well there, whether they are resistant to fungi, how easily they multiply, the vase life, and so on. New species are thoroughly investigated, and they are not afraid to pull out the plug where necessary. If a winner has emerged, multiplication starts, so that with the introduction of the clematis there is sufficient supply to meet the demand all year round. In 2006 it happened, the clematis Amazing® Blue Pirouette was the first clematis cut flower to be introduced and embraced. It then took five years for a successor to come, but after that, it went fast. New cultivars are added to the assortment almost every year. A few months back the clematis Amazing® Havana was added, and another new variety in a very special color is growing in the fields as we speak. It’s the very first white clematis Amazing® variety! TOTF2020 Marginpar In this video, breeder Jos van Zoest and plant hunter Peter van Rijssen explain why the clematis is such a special breed.

The Story of Marginpar

Every day 80,000 bouquets are made with Marginpar flowers. Flowers are emotion, flowers are life. We party, we mourn, we decorate, we show, we say "sorry" and "I love you". At Marginpar they believe the flower experience is even more meaningful when you know the story behind the flower. They talk about nature, product, people. The flowers from Marginpar are grown with passion for you. Pure, authentic, stylish, and surprising, there is always something to discover with more than 100 different varieties they grow. Marginpar grows these flowers at the Marginpar farms in Kenya and Ethiopia and at the partner farms in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. With seventeen flower farms on different altitudes and geographic locations, every variety can be grown on the perfect spot, and, growing flowers so close to the equator, they can guarantee a year-round supply of most flowers. But it is not all just about flowers. Environmental sustainability is very important. Marginpar is a proud member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. Together, they want to achieve sustainable production of 90% for all plants and flowers. Next to that, their people are number one. The Marginpar culture is one of recognition, value, and trust. As a result, people are happier, and you see them grow within the company. With the help of dedicated staff, flowers flourish well. TOTF2020 Marginpar

Contact Marginpar

Contact Marginpar form more information about their Amazing® series, or visit this special website. All varieties are in the Marginpar company profile on Thursd and at their dedicated clematis website. Check also this complete story about The Creation of the Clematis Amazing Series, with tips for florists.



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