Compensate Your Carbon Footprint with Bamboo Villages

Combating climate change and building strong communities

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2020 | 3 min read
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Built on Respect for People and Planet

Bamboo Village Uganda is the first Bamboo village and a Dutch initiative that strives to offer a safe and meaningful existence to everyone, now and in the future. By planting bamboo in Uganda, CO2 is absorbed, so that less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This contributes to combating global warming. The plantations are also a source of employment in the form of bamboo specialists, field workers, and plantation managers. Extra jobs are also created for creative entrepreneurs who use bamboo to make products. Bamboo Village Uganda is much more than just carbon compensation. Bamboo-Village-Uganda-bamboo- bamboo growing - employees - TOTF2020 The mission of the Bamboo Villages explained by its founder Henry Potze:

"Bamboo Village Uganda was founded with the goal to fight both climate change and poverty. By planting and growing bamboo, the greenhouse gas CO2 is absorbed, decreasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, which is causing global warming. Our bamboo nursery is a direct source of the creation of long-term jobs, such as nursery and field managers, bamboo specialists, and drivers. In addition, once the bamboo is harvested, it creates additional job opportunities for those who turn the bamboo into products. The bamboo grown on our plantation is not only used to create products. We use bamboo to build safe and sustainable homes. Our village can host up to 200 families and with your help, we can found a school, church, medical facility, and much more, offering a good future for the wonderful people of the Nakasongola district."

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Be Part of a Difference with Bamboo Village Uganda

So how does it actually work? We first start with the knowledge that trees, bamboo, and oceans naturally act as ‘carbon sinks’ and function as places where CO2 is stored instead of released into the atmosphere. Next to reducing the amount of CO2 you emit, you can therefore join a carbon compensation project such as Bamboo Villages. This way, by planting bamboo, you directly contribute to the absorption of carbon and the fight against global warming. Curious to learn more about the project? Watch the following video.


The Bamboo Villages

The Bamboo villages are built to give local employees of bamboo plantations and their families a high-quality and safe home. The houses are made entirely of bamboo according to Dutch design. The first bamboo village is being built in Uganda, but more villages in other parts of the world will follow. Bamboo will also be planted in these places for CO2 compensation. The fibers can then be used in clothing, among other things.

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The Start of Bamboo Village Holland

This September, the plantation of five types of Bamboo was the starting sign of the first Bamboo movement in the Netherlands. In this new Bamboo village, it will not only revolve around the production of bamboo but also the experience of it. In the Nothern Netherlands, four partners (Bamboo Village Uganda, Gebiedscoöperatie Westerkwartier, Hooft Hoveniers, and Terra) have decided to work together on this initiative. The possibilities are endless and worth further investigation. The realization of a bamboo experience center will additionally provide space for recreation and education about this interesting crop.

Bamboo village holland - first bamboo planted - TOTF2020 on thursd
Realization of “Bamboo Village Holland” in the Northern Netherlands

Our Story

Bamboo Village Uganda is a project with love and respect for both people and the planet. Born as the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur Henri Potze and developed by a team of caring, hard-working experts who all share the same goal. We want to create a safe and meaningful life for everyone on the planet, now and in the future, while respecting the Earth’s natural boundaries. Curious to know more about bamboo villages and their impact on the combat against global warming? Reach out to us via one of the following methods. Thursd socials website internet Thursd socials email Thursd socials facebook Thursd socials instagram Thursd socials youtube Thursd socials linkedin



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