David Altrath Shoots the Picturesque Villa Mediterraneo 01 in Ibiza

This Hamburg-based photographer likes to say that life is short and the world is wide enough to photograph special spots every chance he gets.

By: THURSD. | 08-03-2023 | 3 min read
Architecture Photography

David Altrath continues his architectural photography excursions around the world, this time shooting 'Villa Mediterraneo 01,' an Ibiza residence created by the Italian studio Metroarea Architetti Associati. Take a look at the fabulous photographic results.

Villa Mediterraneo 01 Photographed by David Altrath

Through bamboo screens, Ibiza can be seen through the whimsical architecture in 'Villa Mediterraneo 01', recently shot by German photographer David Altrath. The house is designed to complement its surroundings while paying homage to its architectural elements from the Roman villa, Spanish, and Arab traditions. It is created in a contemporary style that pays homage to renowned architect Rudolf Steiner while honoring the natural lexicon of Italian expressionism.


Villa Mediterraneo in Ibiza


The photographer from Hamburg focuses on the building and its seamless inside-outside link, which is achieved by the abundant use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The series also features hanging gardens, canopies, and custom-crafted bamboo screens that cloak the windows for seclusion and comfort.


Villa Mediterraneo split view of the Ibiza panorama


These shutters are intended to filter light and create a comfortable living environment. The overall effect is one of a light, airy, and calm place that merges modernism and tradition perfectly.


Interiors of Villa Mediterraneo


Architecture Integrated Into the Dreamy Spanish Island

David Altrath highlights the distinctive architectural characteristics of Metroarea Architetti Associati's 'Villa Mediterraneo 01' in this latest image series, such as the central patio, which acts as the focal point of a complicated system of walkways placed on different levels.


Outside facade of Ibizas Villa Mediterraneo


The impluvium was traditionally utilized to collect water in this area. Its peaceful connection with nature is heightened by a waterfall and creek that connects the two swimming pools. The villa is built to blend in with the natural incline of the hill, with the shape of an amphitheater to suggest integration with the surrounding nature.


Villa Mediterraneo by Metroarea architects


Local Ibiza Design for the Win

Metroarea Architetti Associati's design team uses simple materials such as irregularly shaped concrete and dry walls to emphasize its goal of avoiding a generally recognized image of luxury and instead connecting to the island and its traditions. The irregular board-formed concrete is employed on both the exterior and interior of the house, creating a textured and imperfect appearance.


Villa Mediterraneo has several green areas to enjoy from


The entire area is further enhanced by thick greenery and brilliant blossoms, resulting in a tranquil and serene refuge among the trees. One thing is for sure, David Altrath has nailed the photographs featuring this striking villa in Ibiza and he's definitely a photographer worth checking out.


Living room and inside of Villa Mediterraneo Ibiza


More About David Alrath Photography

David Altrath specializes in architecture and landscape photography. His work has appeared in numerous journals and websites, as well as corporate and community projects. David graduated from Merz Academy (Hochschule für Gestaltung, Kunst und Media) in Stuttgart in 2018. Since then, he has worked on numerous commissions and projects.


David Altrath Hamburg photographer

Altrath has a passion for clarity and precision. His aim is to capture the atmosphere of his subjects in the most natural way and thus creating an almost stage-like narrative in his photography. His pure and clear view of perspective, light, and the depth of the space, combined with brilliant craftsmanship, is what makes his work outstanding and special.


David Altrath photography


And this is exactly what led him to shoot such a special project which enhances the relationship of humans with nature. David can assure us that the world is transforming and heading towards building with nature included and that for him, this is priceless when visiting new architectural buildings.


Photos by David Altrath.



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