Decorum Launched Their New Campaign at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer

This quality label for plants and cutflowers surprises everyone again this year but in a different way.

By: THURSD. | 10-10-2022 | 3 min read
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Decorum Aalsmeer campaign header on Thursd

The Aalsmeer flower trade fair which took place from November 9th to 11th 2022 in the Royal FloraHolland auction, was the perfect spot for exhibitor Decorum to launch its most awaited campaign of the year. It involved a lot of Dutch pride and love for the quality plants and flowers its members produce for the world.

Decorum - The Best of the Best Plants & Flowers

You have flowers and you have flowers from Decorum. With the passing of the years, Decorum has always looked for the most innovative processes, the most meticulous growing and production details, and foremost giving the best and most top-level plants and flowers to every single client. This is what their newest campaign is all about.


Decorum trade fair Aalsmeer campaign launch on Thursd


The main objective of the campaign? Show the world that Decorum's flowers are no ordinary or normal thing. Decorum always strives for the best of the best and nothing will ever be standard. 'The cream of the crop' is what they showcased in during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer which was organized as usual in the Royal FloraHolland building.

Royal FloraHolland Is the Largest Exhibition in the Netherlands

Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer is the largest exhibition in the Netherlands and this year, Decorum received all its customers and ambassador. It included three complete days where people had the opportunity to be inspired by floral professionals, with more than five hundred booths with the latest trends in flowers and plants.


Decorum Dutch growers on Thursd


Decorum will surprises everyone again this year but in a different way: This was without a doubt one of their biggest campaigns yet, inspired by the most famous Dutch designers with the aim of inspiring the Netherlands and worldwide floral professionals. Decorum does not do this alone and not with its own shop, but together with a vast network of specialist traders.


Decorum haute couture campaign with plants and flowers on Thursd


With the campaign comes committed support to make Decorum products more attractive for traders and their customers. This also includes a garden center solution and POS material for florists.

All Decorum Products Come From Dutch Soil

During the marvelous days of the fair, Decorum exhibited their striking products and emphasized that they all come from Dutch soil. Day and night, fifty of the best Dutch growers are passionately engaged in growing the most beautiful, colorful, and special plants and flowers for the Decorum collection. The grower's love for his plant or flower and the craftsmanship make each product special.


Decorum plants campaign 2022 on Thursd


Decorum growers are constantly looking for new varieties to surprise, and continue to inspire you. The company shares they do all of this with care for people and nature. By growing as sustainably as possible, they save energy and slowly help take good care of our planet. Decorum's growers are the designers of the haute couture of flowers and plants. Top quality and top creativity form the basis of their collections.


Decorum Roselily on Thursd


Ask for the top collections of Holland's best growers at your florist and garden center or shop online.

More About Decorum

Decorum takes great delight in always having a significant and positive impact on all they do, especially at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer in the Netherlands. It's the premium label of more than fifty Dutch plant and cut flower growers. Each grower in the team collaborates to create a brand that represents sustainability, innovation, and excellence.


Decorum Iris on Thursd


Decorum's product line is constantly evolving and always surprising thanks to hundreds of advancements each year.


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