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Chrysanthemums in surprisingly delightful shapes and colors

By: THURSD. | 21-01-2021 | 4 min read
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Deliflor Chrysanten is the global market leader in breeding and propagating innovative chrysanthemum varieties worldwide. We produce cuttings and issue licenses for more than 400 varieties of disbud, spray chrysanthemums, and Santini’s for cut flower production. TOTF2021 Deliflor

Delightful Chrysanthemums

Our passion for perfection and our worldwide experience in breeding chrysanthemums for their production properties and the market potential result in surprisingly delightful shapes and colors. Various growing conditions require us to include varieties with different properties in our extensive range. New varieties are developed with these factors in mind. TOTF2021 Deliflor

Cutting Edge Cultivation Technology

Having our own production facilities in Ethiopia and Uganda in order to maintain quality is absolutely essential. Cutting material from parent plants is taken in the proper quantities and meets the right quality criteria. Daily checks for uniformity, vigor, diseases, and pests ensure the production of cutting material of excellent quality to meet the global demand. Rooting the cuttings that are flown in from Africa takes place under the most ideal conditions at the rooting facilities in Maasdijk and Bruchem, Netherlands. Both facilities make use of cutting edge cultivation technology. Deliflor became the first propagating company to use a completely automated line of 24 cutting planting machines. A robotic arm individualizes cutting material and sticks them into soil blocks. It takes approximately two weeks to grow the cuttings into final products. The plant material and/or young plants are sent from the main office in Maasdijk to professional chrysanthemum growers in the Netherlands and abroad. Intensive assistance provided by professionals who give growers all the tools they need to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible for optimal results.

Inspire Florists and Consumers

We develop strategies and promotional campaigns to increase our new chrysanthemums’ chances of success and to enhance their image. Deliflor is a real expert when it comes to this. All over the world, we inspire florists and consumers who buy our chrysanthemums with the many varieties we offer. Acquainting them with the latest trends and uses is making Deliflor the largest chrysanthemum breeder in the world. A family business with a hands-on mentality that strives for perfection.

Our Latest Novelties

Deliflor has a broad range of well-known brands that have already proven their year-round quality and performance, such as Baltica, Magnum, Zembla, Rossano, and Yin Yang. Check for more info on these familiar varieties. Furthermore, we introduce new varieties on a regular basis. The latest novelties we would like to introduce to you:

Chrysanthemum Baykal

Baykal, a santini with a decorative flower, is unique in this segment. Its magnificent white flowers directly provide a bouquet with volume. Moreover, Baykal has excellent transport qualities and vase life. The name of this wonderful santini was inspired by Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing 22% of the world's fresh surface water. The lake was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
TOTF2021 Deliflor Chrysanthemum Baykal - Click the image for a 3D view

Chrysanthemum Pixel® Snowy

The beautiful white santini Pixel® Snowy differentiates itself by its overwhelming amount of white flowers. The association with the huge amount of pixels in a high-quality picture is easy to make. Pixel® Snowy suits the santini series of Zentoo very well. Next to Pixel® Snowy Zentoo is also a supplier of Pizarro and Baykal.
TOTF2021 Deliflor Chrysanthemum Pixel Snowy - Click the image for a 3D view

Chrysanthemum Deligreen

Deligreen, the promising green pompon by Deliflor, has been introduced in August 2020 and is already popular amongst buyers. With its deep green color, strong leave quality, good transportation qualities, and excellent vase life, this novelty meets all requirements. Deliflor has made a beautiful brochure to show the versatile options of Deligreen, with images of arrangements for every month of the year. Check the online edition on our website.
TOTF2021 Deliflor Chrysanthemum Deligreen Chrysanthemum Deligreen - Click the image for a 3D view

Chrysanthemum Rossano Lime

Disbudded chrysanthemum Rossano already has many color variations. Rossano Lime is the newest addition to this well-known family of strong chrysanthemums. A white decorative flower with beautiful green edges on the petals, similar to pink Rossano Charlotte and orange Rossano Elizabeth.
TOTF2021 Deliflor Chrysanthemum Rossano Lime - Click the image for a 3D view

Chrysanthemum Baltazar Flame

Baltazar and Baltazar Intense are Deliflor varieties that are widely appreciated by florists because of their unique appearance and color. Now this series has been extended with a striking novelty: Baltazar Flame. A red flamed variety with green edges on the petals, a breathtaking new variety. Zentoo is the supplier of the complete range of Baltazar.
TOTF2021 Deliflor Chrysanthemum Baltazar Flame - Click the image for a 3D view

Chrysanthemum Empress

Elegant and stylish, the disbudded chrysanthemum Empress is a beauty. A true ‘empress’ with a remarkable color: a pink powder tint with a green center, which is on-trend and matches the soft colors and natural look. The ball-shaped flower of this disbud almost makes it look like a dahlia. A beautiful flower with a natural appearance that suits the wedding season and can be very well used in romantic wedding decorations.
TOTF2021 Deliflor Chrysanthemum Empress - Click the image for a 3D view

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