Details Flowers Software Partners With Ball SB to Present the Sunflower Madness Contest

Here's an introduction to the eight renowned American floral designers who will compete in a March Madness-style bracket battle to promote the new Bradley Sunflower.

By: THURSD. | 04-03-2022 | 6 min read
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Details Flowers Software and Ball SB have collaborated to create the first-ever Sunflower Madness design contest to promote the new Bradley Sunflower. The Bradley Sunflower is a new sunflower variety developed by Ball SB that stands out from other varieties on the market currently.

The New Bradley Sunflower

The hardy bloom has a yellow core that sets it apart from other sunflowers. The Bradley Sunflower tends to open upwards, which is perfect for visibility in bouquets and other arrangements.

Carmen L. Marquez Hernandez, Marketing Manager, Ball Horticultural Company.

"Sunflower Bradley is a yellow center sunflower with a double layer of thick golden petals with shorter cycles than various competitive varieties. This new variety has a yellow tint that resembles a burst of endless sunshine. We are thrilled to see what the designers create to show off Bradley’s beauty."


Corinne Heck from Details Flower - quote on Thursd

Eight floral designers will compete in a March Madness-style bracket battle in the Sunflower Madness design competition. To enter the contest, the designers will build a one-of-a-kind piece using stems of the Bradley Sunflower provided by Ball, as well as additional floral elements of their choosing. The participants who receive the most votes from their Instagram followers proceed to the next round at the end of each week. Sunflowers, also because of their meaning, have a huge potential in the floral market.

The winner of the competition will win three hundred Bradley Sunflower stems for their next event plus an annual subscription to Details Flowers Software. Details Flowers Software will announce the progressing designers on their Instagram every Friday starting March 18th, 2022.

Corrine Heck:

"I cannot wait to see what these eight talented designers create with these brand new sunflowers! We always love a great friendly competition. These industry veterans are sure to impress!"

Voting will begin on March 14th, 2022 on the official Sunflower Madness page here. Voting will close on March 31st, 2022 with the winner announced on April 1st, 2022.


Sunflower Bradley - on Thursd

Sunflower Bradley


About The Contestants

Ace Berry from Fulshear, Texas: Ace Berry AIFD, PFCI CFD, TMF, worked in the oil fields of Texas for 5 years before finding his true passion... FLOWERS!!! Ace worked in and around Houston for 10 years before He opened his own Floral shop in Fulshear, Texas. In 2020, Ace was cast on the reality show Full Bloom which is a floral competition on HBO Max Ace was the runner-up.


Images by @aceberryaifd

Amy Balsters from California: Amy Balsters is an award-winning floral design educator with vast industry experience spanning two decades in retail floristry, weddings, and special events. Amy specializes in teaching romantic inspired, loose, and airy floral designs using foundational techniques.


Images by @thefloralcoach_

Holly Chapple from Leesburg, Virginia: Once upon a time, a young mother named Holly Heider Chapple founded a small wedding and event design business. Holly has an endless passion and enthusiasm for all things flowers. She has become a visionary in the industry, a trendsetter, a mentor, an influencer, a developer, and an advocate for those with careers in floristry and farming.


Images by @hollychapple

Aniska Creations from Miami, Florida: Aniska is a mother-daughter business born out of love for flowers. Originally from Venezuela, Ana Isabel Vivas and Anais Vivas moved to Miami, Florida, where they now serve the floral needs of their community. She started floral design when she planned her cousin's wedding nearly 30 years ago and hasn't stopped since.


Images by @aniskacreations

Jean-Pascal Lemire from Los Angeles, California: Jean-Pascal Lemire founded his floral company in the Fall of 2010. The welcomed invitation to establish a shop in the elegant and sophisticated Ritz-Carlton Montreal came in the Spring of 2012. He is most noted for having fun mixing traditional and modern and creating compositions that are chic, harmonious, and majestic.


Images by @jeanpascalflorist

Katie Noonan from San Luis Obispo, California: Katie Noonan AIFD, CFD's style of floral design is viewed as floral art and craftsmanship. Each design is handcrafted with clean and modern design techniques, to present unique art pieces to brides and events, marking life’s greatest moments. In 2004 Katie started her own business, Noonan's Wine Country Designs, and has been specializing in weddings and events ever since.


Images by @noonansdesigns

Peter Calafiore from Ocean, New Jersey: Peter Calafiore has over 30 years of experience as a floral designer. The unwavering tradition of floral couture continues as Peter deigned to open PeterJames in June 2009, as Peter has quickly asserted himself as the newest jewel in the crown of a burgeoning Asbury Park oceanfront business district, inside the restored Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, a jewel in itself. In his showroom, Peter brings ideas to full and vibrant fruition when consulting with brides, commercial and private individuals, and entities.


Images by @peterjamesfloral

Brandy Ferrer from Gilmer, Texas: Brandy Ferrer is the owner and head designer of Simply Beautiful Floral Company in Gilmer, Texas. After a 15 year career as a teacher and administrator, she decided to retire early and return to her first love of floral design. She was the winner of the Farm Exports Wearable Art Design Competition in 2020 and competed in the 2020 Jim Johnson Cup. She is completing her AIFD certification in July of this year, and looks forward to getting back into design competitions as the world opens back up!


Images by @simplybeautifulfloralco


About Ball SB

Ball SB, as part of the Ball Horticultural group, distributes seeds, plugs, cuttings, and TC plants in Central and South America as well as Kenya and Ethiopia, offering their own genetics and representing third parties in the region.

In their R&D station located in Sesquile, Cundinamarca they do their breeding programs, testing, and research of fresh-cut flowers. They have various locations in Colombia to propagate cuttings and TC plant materials for the needs of our growers. As a service to their customers, Ball SB also leads a complete marketing program for their flowers to make their business grow by exposing their products to consumer markets.

Theyhave offices in Miami in the United States, Bogota in Colombia, Quito in Ecuador, and representatives in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and East Africa.



About Details Flowers Software

Launched in 2015, Details Flowers Software is a platform specifically designed to help florists and designers do more and earn more. The software streamlines the proposal process, ensures profitability through careful attention to each arrangement, and simplifies payments. The world's best designers grow their bottom line through professional contracts and confident pricing with an all-in-one florist platform.

Details Flowers Software’s mission is to cultivate happy and loyal customers by building a platform with florists in mind. They are here to improve profitability, productivity, and
organization for floral businesses of all shapes and sizes. Learn more at For Media Inquiries, please email [email protected].




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