DJ Tiësto Gets Married

A floral wedding in the Middle of the Utah Desert

By: THURSD. | 30-09-2019 | 3 min read
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DJ and music producer Tijs “Tiësto” Verwest and model Annika Backes met at Catch restaurant in New York City back in February 2015. The two had a few mutual friends and hit it off right away. “We started hanging out for the next two months, and when Coachella came around, we decided the day before to go together,” Annika says. “We spent the weekend running around the festival and having the best time, just the two of us. When we didn’t get tired of each other for one second, and even flew back to New York City and still didn’t want to leave each other, that was when we both knew.” Tiesto article on Thursd wedding Three years later, Tijs proposed over the Thanksgiving holiday. “We went to the One and Only in the Maldives for vacation,” Annika remembers. “Unfortunately, for the first nine days we were there it was pouring rain the whole time. Tijs wanted to wait for the perfect sunset, and finally, on our last day, the weather cleared up. Tijs pulled out all the stops and rented out the entire restaurant. I thought we were just going for a romantic dinner, but right when we got to the restaurant I knew something was up. There was a rose petal path leading to one single table, and there was a private band. They had flown in our favorite wine and champagne. I think we were both so excited and nervous that he got down on one knee soon after we got there. It was so romantic and over the top. We were celebrating the rest of the night on the beach and in the water.” Tiesto article on Thursd bride Because both Tijs and Annika travel so much for work, they set the wedding date with plenty of time to figure out exactly what they wanted, which meant they were engaged for over two years. “A city that we both love a lot is Las Vegas, so we started looking at venues there, but we soon decided we wanted it to take place somewhere remote,” Annika explains. “We explored the option of throwing a party in the desert outside of Las Vegas. But when we got into that more, we knew it was going to be too complicated to pull off. That’s when we thought of Amangiri.” Tiesto article on Thursd tablesetting They had visited the futuristic Aman resort, in the middle of the Utah desert, for a weekend four years prior and fallen in love with it. “We love the silence and the scenery that makes you feel like you are on another planet,” Annika says. “The contrast of the architecture with the desert is a perfect balance. It looks like you are in a James Bond movie, and that’s some of the aesthetic we were going for. We wanted it to be glamorous, romantic, and sexy, while still being natural and intimate, so we rented out the entire resort for the weekend for our 80 guests.” Tiesto article on Thursd by night The desert is the place where, Tijs says, he can relax from “crazy DJ life.” “To be in a landscape that has hardly been touched by people is really special,” he adds. ”You can see all the stars at night, and the sunsets and sunrises are so special and unique. It’s pretty much the most romantic place on earth.” Tiesto article on Thursd flowers When it came to the aesthetic for the wedding weekend, the goal was to create balance and harmony in this scenic setting. “We kept all of the materials contemporary and rectilinear, while the florals were wild and organic,” Annika explains. The couple worked with event planner Colin Cowie to create moments that showcased the jaw-dropping views. The ceremony and cocktail portion of the evening had a soft palette to complement the sunset, while the dinner reflected a more moody vibe accented with warm, dynamic lighting that highlighted the surrounding rock formations.


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