Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box

Learn how to create a fan-shaped bouquet with cymbidiums and a touch of Christmas

By: THURSD. | 02-12-2020 | 3 min read
It's the trend of today... Do It Yourself! This movement continues to rise in popularity, especially during COVID-19 times. The do-it-yourself mentality is increasingly becoming an easy go-to source for personal expression. Five Cymbidium growers in collaboration with Royal FloraHolland have come up with a nice DIY version of this go-to source for the trendy florist: the 'Cymbidium Inspiration Box'. Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box - quote on thursd

The Cymbidium Inspiration Box

In collaboration with floral designer Hanneke Frankema, five dedicated cymbidium growers have developed an inspiration box that consists of cymbidium flowers and a masterclass. In this masterclass, the cymbidium plays a prominent role and Hanneke shows how to create a fan-shaped bouquet with a reference to Christmas in its colors and materials. The 'Cymbidium Inspiration Box' consists of: -4 Cymbidium branches that are available in different colors. Choose from 5 different varieties. -Aluminum wire in a matching color to create your base in the shape of a fan -A flyer with the QR code to Hanneke Frankema's masterclass

About the Masterclass

On the set of this masterclass, Hanneke works in a greenhouse filled with beautiful cymbidiums. Being surrounded by the pretty looks of these cymbidiums, she explains step by step how the different bouquets are made. She works with larger and smaller sizes of cymbidiums and a combination of additional flowers and accessories. Following, grower Stefanie of Seven Orchids and grower Gertjan of Theo Ammerlaan give various tips to ensure the good shelf life of cymbidiums even better. Take a look at the teaser of the masterclass by Hanneke Frankema and learn more about what she has in store for the cymbidiums and you!

The Participating Cymbidium Showpieces

There are five cymbidium showpieces available in the assortment of the Cymbidium Inspiration Box. Which one of these pretty, sturdy ones to choose from? Let's meet the colorful beauties and their growers and, hopefully, you will come to a decision of which one(s) to choose.

Yogi Bear by Grower Peet Zwink

Peter Zwinkels of Grower Peet Zwink is a true cymbidium fanatic. One of Peter's showpieces is Cymbidium Yogi Bear. This beautiful brown / orange cymbidium has a wonderful scent, a beautiful autumn color, and a very nice branch structure that is also sturdy. Yogi Bear is exclusively available at Peet Zwink and can be found in "his" "Cymbidium Inspiration Box". Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box - yogi bear single stem

Risto by grower Ronald Ammerlaan

Risto is the beautiful cymbidium species from Ronald Ammerlaan. The flower has a deep red color with a matching red lip. This brightens up every home during the Christmas season! Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box - risto single stem

Lisa by Grower Leekade

The 'Cymbidium Inspiration Box' of Grower Leekade contains the beautiful, bright green Lisa. A sturdy branch with a very good shelf life. Grower Leekade is a real family business. Special wishes? Nothing is too crazy for them. Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box - lisa single stem

Mazurka by Grower Seven Orchids

One of the varieties of nursery Seven Orchids is Mazurka. A bright white cymbidium with a red lip. This stem has endless flowers and is rightfully a winner from the 'Seven' assortment. Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box - mazurka single stem

Lightning by Theo Ammerlaan

The cymbidium with the name Lightning is the cultivar that you can find in the "Cymbidium Inspiration Box" of Theo Ammerlaan. An appropriate name, because certainly during this Christmas we have to make it extra cozy and attractive inside! Do It Yourself with the Cymbidium Inspiration Box - lightning single stem

Curious to Know More?

The masterclass is exclusively available for florists that order an inspiration box or boxes. Buyers and sellers can offer the box to their florist from Wednesday 2 December. The box can be ordered up to week 51. Curious to know more about this Cymbidium Inspiration Box? Ask your local supplier! Share your designs with the #CymbidiumInspirationBox This article was made possible by Royal Flora Holland and the collective of five participating cymbidium growers Peet Zwink, Ronald Ammerlaan, Leekade, Seven Orchids and Theo Ammerlaan.



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