Dracaena Surculosa "Mike" and Especially "Mike White"

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By: THURSD. | 11-03-2021 | 5 min read

Dracaena Surculosa In The Spotlights

Large parts of the world are still under restrictions due to the Covid virus. Everyone is limited in his / her mobility and this creates a need for making the home environment as pleasant as possible. The FloraPodium also has its limitations. Our beloved grower visits have come to a halt. Still, we try to keep sending inspiration and try to collect our information close by, by using our connections. For example, we have an excellent connection with nursery Vireõ. Their Alocasia was already in the spotlight once last year. For this edition, Edwin Plaisier tells us all about the Dracaena surculosa "Mike" and the special Dracaena surculosa "Mike White".


Vireõ is the umbrella name for a number of nurseries. These nurseries have joined forces in the areas of purchasing and sales activities, concepts, and order processing. The nurseries are located in the immediate vicinity of the FloraHolland Aalsmeer flower auction and together cover more than 30 hectares of glass. Green is ... To create recognition and inspiration among consumers, Vireõ has introduced the consumer brand "Green is ...". With "Green is ...", Vireõ tells the grower's story and shows the benefits of the plant by means of this label. Green is ... Easy care Green is ... Relaxing Green is ... Fresh air Green is ... Furniture Green is… Urban Jungle The advantage of these labels is that Vireõ can change them quickly and easily. A number of labels such as "Easy Care" or "Fresh Air" are timeless. But "Urban Jungle" is a typical fashion label. The green plant types remain the same over the years, but by using these labels, Vireo can actively respond to current trends. Dracaena surculosa _Mike_ and Especially _Mike White_- Article on Thursd (1)

More About the Dracaena Surculosa

The Dracaena also called dragon's blood tree, originated in West Africa. The plants have been exported to Europe since the 17th century. They are known as the most air-purifying plants. The label "Green is ... Fresh air" would apply well to the surculosa varieties. Nevertheless, the surculosa varieties are often labeled "Green is… Urban Jungle" by Vireõ. This is a term that most appeals to the current trend and which suits the surculosa very well. Most Dracaena varieties are known for their strains, the surculosa line does not. These plants have a beautiful, lush shape, a very special leaf formation, and a very beautiful color scheme. They have a somewhat bamboo-like appearance, although they are definitely not related to the Bambuseae. The Dracaena surculosa "Mike" is the yellow-ish variety of the "normal" dark surculosa. The Dracaena surculosa "Mike White", as the name says, is the white variegated variety. The "Mike White" is the newest variety and has actually only been marketed in small numbers last year. Both species are mutants of the dark surculosa that can be found in South America. Dracaena surculosa _Mike_ and Especially _Mike White_- Article on Thursd (2)


All Dracaena surculosa are very easy to maintain. The plant needs little light and will therefore also grow well in the somewhat darker places in the house. This also makes the plant very suitable for interior planting in companies and offices. In most cases, plants with variegated leaves need more light, but the surculosa "Mike" and "Mike White" does not. They can also be put in a slightly dark place. Do not place the plants in direct sunlight, or they will burn. The surculosa is a warm houseplant, which means that they hate the c They thrive between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. The Dracaena surculosa does not need that much water. Forgetting it once is therefore no problem. It is best to let the soil dry out thoroughly before watering again. If the plant grows too high, it can easily be pruned back. The cut top will branch and regrow. Dracaena surculosa _Mike_ and Especially _Mike White_- Article on Thursd (4)

Dracaena Surculosa's Cultivation

One of the branches of Vireõ is Hedera Plant. In 1981 they started growing Hedera on an area of ​​10,000 m2 of greenhouse space in Mijdrecht. At that time it was still unique that only 1 product was grown in such an area. In 2012, Hedera Plant had six locations with a total surface area of ​​190,000 m2 of greenhouse space. The range of the Hedera Plant has also been expanded over the years; for example, they grow all three varieties of the surculosa. Dracaena surculosa _Mike_ and Especially _Mike White_- Article on Thursd

From Cutting to Plant

The surculosa cuttings are imported from Central and South America, where the climate is better for the cuttings to grow. The approximately 10 cm large plants are transported in plugs. These plugs are immediately replanted in the final pot, after which the plants go into the greenhouse. "The growth process is actually not that exciting," says Edwin. "In short, it is just a matter of putting them in the greenhouse and letting them grow." It takes about 18 to 22 weeks for the plants to be big enough to sell. In between, the plants have to be given more space and they are placed further from each other. The plants then get more light and that prevents the lower leaves from falling off.

From Mass to Niche Trade

Vireõ strives for high-quality plants that are grown in the most organic way possible. They are therefore in possession of various MPS certificates. Due to their wide range, they can actually serve all segments. From retail to high-segment customization, from mass production to niche products. They have their own cash and carry, and orders can also be delivered. Each year, a part of the range is renewed, so that the offer for their customers remains surprising, innovative, and inspiring.



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