Dümmen Orange® Presents First Novelties for 2021

These are the roses, chrysants, and carnations to look out for this year

By: THURSD. | 21-01-2021 | 5 min read
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Dümmen Orange®

Dümmen Orange® is the world’s largest breeder and propagator of cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants, and perennials. The company employs over 7,300 people worldwide. In addition to a large marketing and sales network, Dümmen Orange has a diversified network of specialized production sites. The key to Dümmen Orange’s success is a broad and deep product range, supported by a global supply chain. The company embraces its social responsibilities and invests in the health, safety, and personal development of its staff.

Your Hosts in this Online Booth

Dear Thursd visitor. As marketers at Dümmen Orange, we would like to introduce you to a number of new introductions within our product portfolio of cut flowers. If you have any questions about the products below or suggestions for possible collaborations, you can always contact us at [email protected].


Rokus Hassefras & Roy van Kester


Rose Red Tacazzi+

Rose Red Tacazzi+ is the new addition to the successful line of Tacazzi-roses. The strong red rose opens with a beautiful swirl, hypnotizing you with its dark red color. Red Tacazzi+ makes you feel like being in a lush African garden, surrounded by hummingbirds and sunbirds.



Red Tacazzi+ has many advantages for growers, wholesalers, and florists:

• It can reach a nice stem size of up to 70cms
• Easy to work with due to a low number of thorns
• Transportability is very good
• The flower will always open
• A vase life that exceeds 14 days


Rose Red Tacazzi+ Dümmen Orange on Thursd
Rose Red Tacazzi+


This novelty is ideal for use in both mono bunches and mixed bouquets. Dümmen Orange aims at the full retail segment with Red Tacazzi+, making it a perfect rose for special rose-giving days like Valentine's Day. The first grower to offer Rose Red Tacazzi+ is Holla Roses from Ethiopia.

Rose Snowstorm+

Snowstorm+ is the perfect name for a white flower with all its qualities and applications. It’s a strong and pure white force of nature with amazing strength. An irresistible big flower with a white color that one simply cannot ignore. The rose Snowstorm+ is a great event rose, but also very suitable for at home. Staying at home, and making this nice and cozy, ‘cocooning’, is trendy. Snowstorm+ fits well in this picture. It brings a wonderful match with almost every style and decoration.



This is what makes Snowstorm+ the best white rose from Africa:

• It can reach a nice stem size of up to 70cms
• Easy to work with due to almost a complete absence of thorns
• Transportability is very good, the petals are not vulnerable to bruising
• The flower will easily open
• A very long vase life


Rose Snowstorm on Thursd
Rose Snowstorm+


The rose Snowstorm+ is presented as a real florist rose, so with a big head and longer stems than your average rose from Africa. Rift Valley Roses and Fresco Flowers bring this new power rose to the market by the end of January 2021.

More on Thursd about Rose Snowstorm+: Read all stories, and designs from the December 2020 Rose Snowstorm+ special on Thursd.


Chrysanthemum Ilonka - The Perfect White

Meet the Ilonka Chrysanthemum. The new powerhouse when it comes to pure white chrysanthemums. A flower that will draw attention, wherever you go. Fun to look at, fun to style with. Lovely!


Chrysanthemum Ilonka


The single-flowered Ilonka is perfect for creating beautiful interior settings with its cheerful personality, full green heart, and pure white petals. The Ilonka will fit any style and is ready to brighten up all your bouquets.

If You Want Perfect White Flowers, Go Ilonka!


Bi-colored You’ve seen the white Ilonka, but did you know the Ilonka can be painted in many different colors and styles? Especially the bi-colored Ilonka is a beautiful sight.


Unique Buying Reasons

• The whitest spray chrysanthemum in the single-flowered segment
• Paintability
• Lots of flowers on a stem

For more Ilonka flower inspiration, check our social media channels Instagram and Facebook.


Proudly Presenting: Chrysanthemum Pastela Rosé & Pastela Cava

Chrysanthemum Pastela Rosé offers the unique combination of a very subtle and dainty shade of powdery pink in a strong and mighty chrysanthemum with ample height and a voluminous look. The contrast is emphasized by the lively green heart in each full flower. This attractive spray will look well in spring bouquets and arrangements, it provides a fresh look matching the season.

Pastela Cava is the sparkling ivory version of the Pastela Rosé. This beautiful spray chrysanthemum looks great in attractive romantic bouquets and arrangements. A real eye-catcher with a fashionable touch!

Pastela Rosé and Pastela Cava are both spray chrysanthemums created by Dümmen Orange® and grown by Zentoo.


Meet Your Floral Fortune in Karma Pink

There's no doubt, the color is just divine. Sometimes it's just meant to be, isn't it? The stars were truly aligned when Chrysanthemum Karma Pink was created by breeder Dümmen Orange® and it shows in a gorgeous color pastel pink with a hint of lilac – very suitable for spring bouquets and arrangements. Yet, Karma Pink is not overly sweet, because it also has a sassy pure green heart that truly brings extra texture and charisma to this spray. It also offers superior stamina during transport and in-shop, and the quality and vase life you have come to expect of Dümmen Orange® cut flowers.

Its best USP? Karma Pink chrysanthemum blooms with lots of big flowers (7-10 cm across) per stem, so lots of volume and lots of beauty to enrich your designs!



Dümmen Orange® Proudly Presents: "Barberatus Fresh"

Bright green petals make Barberatus Fresh an extraordinary fresh-cut carnation with unique strengths. Rounded balls of sparkling green as fresh grass, on a strong stem that keeps straight.


Dianthus Barberatus Fresh on Thursd
Dianthus Barberatus Fresh


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