Florals For Your Lovefest by ÉDÉNIQUE

Her biggest challenge is to exceed your expectations

By: THURSD. | 11-02-2020 | 2 min read
Edénique creates amazing florals for your lovefest. Together with Westerliefde and Myrthe Regelt Het, Edénique designed a stunning wedding for this beautiful couple; Bart & Ben. The setting looks like it was a feast to design! All happening within the historical venues of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, an inspiring and industrial event location in the middle of the Westerpark. The arrangements designed for this wedding are looking like real studs. With the Brownie Tulips folded open, it makes them stand out even more and creates a very magical look. These Brownie Tulips from VIP Roses are addictively beautiful paired up with Parfum Flower Company's Café Latte Rose. They give that extra flair to this wedding. To fold open the outer petals of a Tulip is a new style in floral designer land. A trend that isn’t always understood by the breeder. But it surely gives something extra to the flower, don't you think? What catches our eye is the wedding ceremony. How can it not? With amazing quotes like: "I'm not gay, my husband is." and "We're all born naked and the rest is drag." A manifest through flowers, which makes us unapologetically be ourselves. Floral pride is in full bloom on Thursd. this week as we launch our campaign: "Proud To Be Part Of The Floral World." Thursday February 13th. Edénique got the opportunity to work at a local floristry during middle school and soon noticed that she has found her passion; using the most beautiful flowers to create the perfect arrangement for each event! A few years later and the dream became reality; Edénique Floral Design was born! Her biggest challenge is to exceed your expectations. Finding that special item to match the styling or a special color combination for your wedding bouquet, that’s what she loves to do. During and after she finished her floral education, Edénique had the privilege to gain much experience in- and outside of Holland. From small projects to large-scale events in Asia, it was a blast. During this time she developed her own style and soon she knew that eye for detail and use of color are important keypoints. Adding these keypoints to her love and passion for flowers makes her dedicated to design the best creations for each event.


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