"We Wanted to Grow David Austin Roses!"

Alexandra Farms, the preeminent garden rose grower

By: THURSD. | 10-03-2020 | 3 min read
Alexandra Farms was started by Jose Azout and is named after his daughter Alexandra Lydia Azout, who was born in 2004. As the largest of four licensed David Austin® growers, this boutique grower is the only one that is located in Colombia. With now 15 of David Austin's garden roses in their portfolio, it’s only reasonable to assume that they grow these English garden roses from the start. The contrary is true, they did not start with these luxury roses but were o so willing to do so. There’s a story to tell about how the romance between the David Austin Roses and Alexandra Farms started.

Interested From the Start

Jose Azout:
"We were interested in growing David Austin roses from the start! In fact, we started Alexandra Farms on the premise that we would be the licensed grower for Colombia. Unfortunately, we were too late and another farm was granted the license. Therefore we had to go find other “Garden Roses” to grow. We were fortunate enough to find Tantau and Kordes “Freilander“ varieties that were exactly what we were looking for."
Jose Azout - president Alexandra Farms - On Thursd
Jose R. Azout
The Garden Roses Alexandra Farms started with also had old fashioned shapes and were developed for both the shrub industry in Germany and the cut flower industry. According to many they were beautiful and had the cut flower qualities – like shipping hardiness and long-lasting vase life - Alexandra Farms needed.

Unexpected Circumstances

Once Alexandra Farms was up and running with these other garden varieties, unexpected circumstances at the former licensed farm led to the result that the David Austin license was then granted to Alexandra Farms. This was the starting point of The David Austin Roses collection in Colombia. David Austin Logo

Preeminent Garden Rose Grower

Nowadays Alexandra Farms is the preeminent garden rose grower in the world due to many of the most exclusive garden roses in the world in their collection. Especially those of the varieties of David Austin, who is considered by many as the most exclusive Garden Rose breeder in the world. Let’s talk David Austin's cut roses. An introduction to those well known, 15 most romantic English garden roses. Especially the David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet is a familiar name in the industry. This variety was the first of David Austin’s Cut Roses to be released and is sometimes known as the ‘£3 million rose’; the first garden rose in a true peach color which was not found in roses of the past and is still hard to find among modern roses. Jose Azout:
“It was just a matter of time before we would collaborate. This partnership is terrific! David Austin actively promotes their brand and helps us promote their roses. David Austin will continue to breed the most luxurious and fragrant roses on the planet. And we continue to grow them to the most exacting quality standards – it’s a win-win.”
Above you see Purity™, Miranda™ and Tess™, all in production nowadays at Alexandra farms. In 2019 David Austin released 3 new varieties; Effie™, Ella™ and Eugenie™. Alexandra Farms was the first grower to release these new varieties to florists around the world. Other varieties which are still in vogue today, are the following: The yellow Beatrice™, hard pink Capabillity™, and the lovely soft peach pink Charity™: And then we have the wonderfully pretty and romantic rose Constance™. The next one is Darcey™ starting as bright magenta in the bud, opening to rich raspberry red color, and Edith™, with two-tone blooms and an intense fruity fragrance. Not to forget Keira™, a subtle and natural beauty that differs in color in every bloom.
Keira - Cut Flowers - Roses on Thursd Featured
Rose Keira™ (Ausboxer)



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