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By: THURSD. | 27-05-2020 | 3 min read
Indoor Plants

Intenz Home® is the unique brand of VDE Plant. It's more than just a product line with more than twenty exclusive tropical indoor plants. It's a botanical source for creative concepts with healthy green plants. Very much 2020, and beyond. Here are just a few to give you that Intenz green feeling. VDE Plant Intenz Green Feelings

Peperomia Raindrop

The peperomia Raindrop stands out for its large round, shiny leaves. She got the name Raindrop because the leaves have a large drop-like shape. Because the leaf feels thick you would think it is a succulent plant, but it is not, it belongs to the pepper plant family. She also resembles the pilea pancake plant, but the leaves of a peperomia Raindrop are fuller and larger. This Raindrop has also been tested positive for its air-purifying qualities, making it a great plant for the living room or bedroom.


Many special plants are created in nature, including the ctenante. This family has many different leaf drawings, it is so beautiful to see how these plants develop as they grow larger. The ctenante Amagris or ctenante Burle Marxii transform your home or office into a true mini jungle. The underside of the leaf often has a different (dark purple) color compared to the top. In the evening the leaves rise slightly so that these warm colors become visible.

Asplenium Crispy

Ferns are being rediscovered by consumers. The fern family is very large and there are many different forms of leaves. We grow various types of ferns in our greenhouses, but the asplenium Crispy Wave is the most striking. The leaves are wavy and very hard, they almost crackle. The plant has a naturally beautiful shine on the leaves. Characteristic for a fern is the unrolling leaf from the heart, fascinating to see this develop, such a small coiled leaf that develops into a wavy leaf. The Crispy Wave has good air-purifying qualities and can also improve the humidity in a room. VDE Plant Intenz Green Feelings


Sometimes there are plants that suddenly become very popular, such as the monstera. The leaf stands out through the holes that enter the leaf as the plants grow larger. These holes were not created by eating insects :). When a monstera gets older it makes tendrils with leaves on it. You can grow it down well, you can also tie up such a rank and grow it up along a cupboard or table leg. This gives you a natural effect and you really bring the tropics into your home. Here is monstera Obliqua, a.k.a. Monkey Face, as an example.

Clean, and Sustainable Cultivation

The demand for green, healthy, social, and sustainable is increasing. Corporate social responsibility and respect for people and the environment are themes in which we continuously develop ourselves as a company. In this way, we work on a clean, and sustainable cultivation of our plants. We are careful about water. When it rains we collect the water and use it for our plants. We also reuse the water that returns from our plants. Natural enemies are continuously deployed in our plants to prevent pests such as spider mites, thrips, and lice. We scout our crops weekly to see if there are pests in order to intervene in time and not to cause too much damage to a pest. The biological control agents that are released immediately go to work, and they do not have a weekend, so that the spider mites, lice, or trips are tackled 24 hours a day. Our terracotta cultivation pots are made from almost 100% recycled plastic (polypropylene) raw materials. We say almost 100% because it takes 1 to 3% dye to make a black or terracotta color and this is usually made from new material. That our cultivation pots are so expensive is something we have known for a long time, but that we actually do not communicate about because it is natural for us to use raw materials economically. VDE Plant Intenz Green Feelings



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