LG Flowers is Specialized in Flowers and Decoration

Presenting 8 themes at The Flower Bazar Aalsmeer

By: THURSD. | 07-09-2021 | 1 min read
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LG Flowers is specialized in flowers and decoration. They show this with their eight themes at The Flower Bazar Aalsmeer. This presentation is a combination of bouquets, decorative materials, and fresh flowers. So, it's more than just gerberas. In addition, LG Flowers also shows a display solution with which combinations of flowers and plants can be offered in an easy way.

Fashionable Retail-Ready Concepts and Bouquets

Nouschka van der Burg is responsible for Marketing, Communications, and Concept Development at LG Flowers. She organizes the participation of this forward breeder/grower nursery with its fashionable retail-ready concepts and bouquets. LG Flowers is Specialized in Flowers and Decoration quote

Can you please tell us what kind of company is LG Flowers?

Nouschka: "LG Flowers is the partner in the field of gerberas and retail-ready flower concepts. The nursery grows a wide range of mini gerberas and gerberas with special shapes. Every year, about 90 million gerberas find their way from the nursery to the consumer, both in the well-known casks, as well as in bouquets and flower concepts."
LG Flowers is Specialized in Flowers and Decoration - Parada

Why is LG Flowers participating in The Flower Bazar Aalsmeer?

Nouschka: "LG Flowers is specialized in flowers and decoration. The Flower Bazar is the fair where plants, flowers, and decorations form a total picture. So, the combination of the latter two, flowers and decoration, is perfect for us."

What can the visitor expect to see from LG Flowers?

Nouschka: "Every year we present eight themes, based on trends, style groups, and seasons, in which flowers and decoration come together in retail-ready concepts. This fits seamlessly with The Flower Bazar's vision and what visitors come for. That is why we are participating in this new fair."
LG Flowers is Specialized in Flowers and Decoration


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