Mimesis - A New Brand Introduced by The Orchid Growers

Under this new brand name Mimesis a wide range of phalaenopsis will find its place - the total assortment under one roof.

By: THURSD. | 14-02-2022 | 3 min read

Mimesis is the new brand from a joint venture between Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios. Mimesis is about emotion, connecting, and sharing. An expression of unity. Mimesis literally means ‘reflection’ in Ancient Greek. After all, if you give an orchid as a gift, it will reflect your pride, love, or support for someone else. 

Under this new brand name Mimesis, a wide range of phalaenopsis will find its place - the total assortment under one roof.


Mimesis holds up a mirror to your heart. A glimpse of hidden desires and a reflection of your innermost being. In the reflection of Mimesis, you can be who you are. Be greeted by its cheerful fluttering flowers. It reflects the affection with which we give it to another and the sense of belonging with which we receive it. Mimesis shows your compassion and comfort. She moves and surprises, empathizes and gives energy. An expression of connection. For someone else and for yourself.


In 1825, botanist Carl Ludwig Blume traveled through Indonesia in search of unique plants. On one of his trips, Blume discovered a flower he named Phalaenopsis, meaning ‘like a moth’ in Ancient Greek. With its quivering petals, the moth orchid, as this flower is commonly known, does indeed resemble a moth or butterfly.

Just as the petals of an orchid flower mirror the appearance of a beautiful butterfly, nature reflects our emotions. We, therefore, called our orchids Mimesis: ‘imitation’ or ‘reflection’ in Ancient Greek.


The Orchid Growers

Orchios and Ter Laak Orchids joined forces as of 1 January 2022. The Orchid Growers are setting up an organization to take care of sales, marketing, and product development for both companies: The Orchid Growers. This new company will bring a wide and full range of high-quality Phalaenopsis to the market. Orchios and Ter Laak Orchids jointly produce 11 million plants annually, available in various pot sizes (7/9/12/17/21 cm), concepts, and varieties. This offers their customers the convenience of a complete product range, with every variety of Phalaenopsis to be found under one roof.



The New Brand Mimesis

In addition to their collaboration in the market, the two production companies will share their cultivation and production knowledge. They will also work together on product and range development. This ensures that the production companies can give more focus to their high-quality cultivation and production. Meanwhile, sales will join forces as The Orchid Growers. The joint Phalaenopsis range will be marketed under the new brand introduced by Ter Laak this year: Mimesis.

Authentic Orchids

The Orchid Growers strive top quality plants every day. After all, they want consumers to be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers for as long as possible. However, orchids are a product of Mother Nature and can sometimes be a bit quirky. During cultivation, the orchids grow in their own way and small beauty flaws can sometimes appear. A twist in the branch, a curled leaf, or one less bud. But nature isn’t perfect! And for The Orchid Growers, these plants are too good to waste. Although they stand for quality, they believe that respect for nature is just as important. It is nature's perfect imperfections that make these plants so authentic.

Product Range

The Orchid Growers’ product range currently consists of two different orchid product ranges: Mimesis and Authentic.




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