Orchid Heaven at Ter Haar Ornamentals

Look at these 4 amazing cut orchids.

By: THURSD. | 25-03-2020 | 2 min read
Orchid Heaven

It is always time for some beautiful cut orchids. With so many different varieties available, and so many colors to choose from, it is hard to pick a few. What do you think? There's just so much to choose from. Especially at importer Ter Haar Ornamentals in The Netherlands. They selected 4 amazing orchids to show. So, in this article you can find 4 fantastic orchids which you can find as a cut flower.  When you are a florist you can get them at your local wholesaler, otherwise, pop-in to your florist, and just ask for it. Sure thing they can get their hands on it! This Orchid heaven article shows you four varieties; Oncidium Golden Shower, Dendrobium Woon Leng, Aranda Anne Black, and last, but not least, the amazing Mokara New Orange.

Oncidium Golden Shower

The vast majority of the beautiful yellow cut orchid with the name Oncidium Golden Shower are grown in Thailand but they are also produced in other tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Oncidium Golden Shower is also also known as the Dancing-lady Orchid. Besides as cut flower, this is also a popular houseplant due to the ease of care. As a cut flower the availability is year round. at Ter Haar Ornamentals - Oncidium Golden Shower

Dendrobium Woon Leng

This beautiful white-lilac cut orchid with the name Dendrobium Woon Leng are also grown in Thailand but they are also produced in other tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Dendrobium Woon Leng is a hybrid Dendrobium orchid which produces superb cream colored flowers with a contracting purple lip. Dendrobium Woon Leng - Cut Orchids on Thursd Facebook

Aranda Anne Black

The Aranda Anne Black is named for the wife of the British governor of Hong Kong and Singapore from 1958 to 1964. This shape of orchids is also often named as spider orchids, because of the tiny spider-like vermilion flowers. The inch-and-a-half inflorescences are compactly arranged on slim yet strong stems that lend themselves to dramatic arrangement. Each stem measures approximately 2 to 3 feet in height. at Ter Haar Ornamentals - Aranda Anne Black

Mokara New Orange

Feel the warm glow of rich orange and peach tones in this amazing Mokara New Orange orchid. The do really wel in a salmon-peach color scheme, which is a hit at wedding designs nowadays. Mokara new Orange - Cut Orchids on Thursd Facebook Besides that it is an orchid heaven at Ter Haar Ornamentals in The Netherlands, you can also find many other tropical flowers and greens. Heliconia, Strelitzia, Musa, Bromelia and a lot of different tropical foliages. Ter Haar Ornamentals delivers all major exporters and traders worldwide.



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