Orchids as Trending Products at ExpoPlantas 2022 in Colombia

Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso from Floricultura is one of the keynote speakers at this professional horticultural fair and congress that will take place from 19-21 October.

By: THURSD. | 28-09-2022 | 3 min read
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Orchids as Trending Products at ExpoPlantas 2022 in Colombia header on Thursd

Colombian growers look forward to meeting again at ExpoPlantas, the fair and congress that is organized by their very own association Colviveros. In this edition, Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso from breeder Floricultura, best known for its wide range of orchids and anthurium, is invited as keynote speaker to emphasize the role of orchids as trending products.

ExpoPlantas 2022

From October 19-21, ExpoPlantas 2022 is the 4th edition of the professional commercial platform for Colombian nurseries where supply and demand for live and ornamental plants converge. Participants find the latest innovations in plant material, supplies, services, technological developments, and advances in logistics for the chain from the nursery to the consumer.

ExpoPlantas focuses on the needs of nurseries with the purpose of improving the productivity, logistics, and commercial capacity of growers and thus professionalizing the nurseries in Colombia. The organizer is the grower's very own association Colviveros.


Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso ExpoPlantas quote on Thursd


Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso on Thursd
Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso from Floricultura



For over six decades already, Colviveros is the association of Colombian nurseries and ornamental growers. This horticultural trade association was founded to organize, stimulate and promote the competitiveness and sustainability of Colombian nurseries, growers of small ornamental foliage, and potted plants. Their motto is based on a famous African proverb: "If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together." It pursues the spirit of an inclusive trade association that embraces participation, support, and growth.

With more than 650 members in 18 regions throughout Colombia, Colviveros is engaging in a rural-Colombia development venture: enhancing the consumer experience, consolidating local markets, generating returns for nurseries and marketers, and exploring new markets for its export-capable producers interested in formalization.


White Phalaenopsis show greenhouse Floricultura on Thursd


Stylish & Popular Orchids

With a keynote speaker from a globally renowned orchids breeder, you might say that orchids are at the center of attention during this edition of ExpoPlantas. And that's no surprise.

Orchids are among the living plants most in demand in the world due to their long lifespan, variety of shapes and colors, and hybrid varietal developments, particularly in the phalaenopsis range. Orchids are stylish and affordable, and therefore very popular among many consumer segments of ages, interests, and backgrounds.

Floricultura is one of the Dutch breeders with the widest assortment of unique species, the greatest international presence, and with a global knowledge of the market from growers to consumers.


Pink Phalaenopsis show greenhouse Floricultura on Thursd


ExpoPlantas Keynote Speaker Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso

Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso, responsible for the Latin American and Southern European markets will participate as a keynote speaker at ExpoPlantas 2022. Milena is Brazilian and has lived in the Netherlands since 2008. For over fifteen years she has been working in the field of international relations, mainly facilitating international exchange between European countries and the rest of the world.



Floricultura phalaenopsis banner on Thursd

Milena has been linked to the Floricultura company for more than two years, focusing on knowledge of the markets, their culture, and their economic challenges. Milena points out: "In Latin America, I am the eyes and the heart of Floricultura, while in the Netherlands I am the voice of my clients."

Growers visiting ExpoPlantas 2022 are warmly invited to hear Milena speak about the challenges of the orchid trade in the world and the possibilities of market growth for these important plants within the Colombian nursery product portfolio.



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