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By: THURSD. | 21-01-2021 | 2 min read
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The entire family of the Bredefleur nurseries is devoted to one thing only: cultivating the best quality and most exclusive lilies. Welcome to our online booth, where we will tell you our story and show you our product lines. And don't forget to grab your online brochure on the way out!

The Original

The first step toward creating the loveliest lilies is to select the best bulbs. Growing these bulbs in optimal conditions throughout the entire cultivation process, using the latest techniques, guarantees sturdy stems with always several buds on each one. Every lily by Bredefleur has the same top quality and strength, and a strong color, 52 weeks a year. At Bredefleur we have exclusive rights to a large number of varieties and are constantly busy developing new ones. So when you buy our lilies, you know for sure that you have something unique in your hands: Original by Bedefleur.


TOTF2021 Bredefleur TOTF2021 Bredefleur

Four Product Groups

Bredefleur grows four product groups of the finest exclusive lilies: Supra, Asiatic Longiflorum, Oriental Trumpet, and Longiflorum.

Zambesi Supra

Lily Zambesi Supra has proven to be the best white oriental lily. It has a unique white color. The shelf life is two weeks. Zambesi is a real traveler, this lily can be shipped well to distant destinations with a quality guarantee.

TOTF2021 Bredefleur
Lily Zambesi Supra

Original Love

Asiatic Longiflorum Lily LA Original Love is unique because of its color in red LA. This color is difficult to improve. We are making this still the best red LA lily, which we sometimes call the Red Naomi! of the lilies.

TOTF2021 Bredefleur
Lily LA Original Love


Oriental Trumpet Lily OT Zelmira is unique because of its colors, the only lily that has this color combination. The longer you look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. We all are silently in love with Zelmira.

TOTF2021 Bredefleur
Lily OT Zelmira


Oriental Trumpet Lily OT Nymph is not only super beautiful but also smells the best of the lilies. Not everyone likes the scent of lilies in general, but this one surpasses the perfume industry. 😉

TOTF2021 Bredefleur
Lily OT Nymph

Watch Up Supra

Longiflorum Lily LF Watch Up Supra is an elegant Beauty. These upright calyx lilies are unique. This lily adds real value to the bouquet.

TOTF2021 Bredefleur
Lily LF Watch Up Supra

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