Paul Heijmink Makes Your Flowers Truly Stand Out from the Crowd

Breeders, growers, and traders distinguish themselves through fascinating product photos

By: THURSD. | 21-01-2021 | 2 min read
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How to Get Your Customers' Attention

Only the very latest, most stimulating messages still penetrate the over-demanded brains of our customers. Nowadays people receive more and more product information through newsletters, social media, and other information channels. The things we need to do nowadays for a little attention! Standing out seems to be the only road to your customers' attention. Quote Paul Heijmink TOTF

Distinguish Yourself Visually

As a breeder, grower, or trader, you can distinguish yourself through fascinating and special visual material. With today's online commerce, a good photo is essential to stand out from your competitor.

Paul Heijmink photography - crocus pickwick on thursd
This Crocus Pickwick definitely makes you want to linger longer

Photos Make You Linger

It has been proven that visual content lingers better - and longer - in memory than text. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In addition, texts are read better if relevant (and good) images are added.

Born and Raised among Flowers

Photographer Paul Heijmink was born and raised among flowers and works at the flower auction in Ede. The combination of product knowledge and his special way of photography results in unique product photos that are characterized by great sharpness and clarity.

Part of my portfolio are several large companies in the floriculture industry such as Marginpar, Bloomingdale and Cooperativo Del Golfo. In addition, his portfolio consists also of products from top growers in the Netherlands: Gerbera United, Holstein Gerbera, Dick Alderden Verse Rozen, Mediaverdi and others.

A Colorful Social Feed to Follow

On the Facebook page of @bloemenfotografie by Paul Heijmink, you find a good impression of the quality of the images. A visit to the Facebook page is recommended for the true flower enthusiast. Join 48.000 of other mutual flower followers and reach out if you are interested in quality product photography! Social banner of @bloemenfotografie - Paul Heijmink photography TOTF2020 on thursd

Contact Paul Heijmink Photography

Paul Heijmink Photography Contact for information and rates preferably by email. Email: [email protected] Facebook: Visit Paul Heijmink's profile on Thursd. Thursd socials email  Thursd socials facebook



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