What Will Be Seen at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2023?

Hundreds of colors and different plant and flower shapes will be present in one of the most spectacular floral shows of the year.

By: THURSD. | 22-02-2023 | 3 min read
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If you have already attended the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show in the past, you know what it's all about. Thousands and thousands of flowers will take over the flower show in 2023 and is a spectacle you cannot miss out on, especially if you love flowers and live in Philadelphia. The flower show is so famous it gets thousands of visitors each year and this is what you can expect to see in the 2023 show.

The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show Will Be Attracting Thousands of Visitors in 2023

The PHS Flower Show, as is the tradition every year, will be featuring an unimaginable amount of blooms and hundreds of plants in less than two weeks. Are you already prepared and have you gotten your tickets?


Render of the Philadelphia Flower Show 2023
Render of the Philadelphia Flower Show 2023.


This is one of the most visited and attractive flower shows and events in the floral industry and is one you should miss out on if what you love is flowers and shows, of course. It brings together florists, landscape designers, and architects from around the world who will exhibit their works over nine days taking place from March 4 to 12 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.



Throughout the course of the day, this yearly event, which is put on by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, draws approximately 250,000 guests. The inaugural performance was first launched and seen early in 1829, and it has since grown to be PHS's biggest source of funding, now having one of the most alluring floral shows all around the world. PHS describes this flower show as the oldest, largest, and most distinguished celebration of flowers in the nation.


Interaction at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Fun interactions at the Philadelphia Flower Show.


What Can You Expect to See at the Show?

If you've never been to the Philadelphia Flower Show, you cannot imagine what your eyes will experience in such a magical flower show. Those who attend the indoor flower show this year are in for a special treat! Visitors will experience an immersive adventure, unlike any other thanks to the newly constructed promenade, which will lead them through the whole show. And that's not all; be ready for their largest displays to date as well as a stunning entry garden that will surely astound you.


Philadelphia Flower Show 2023

'The Garden Electric' which is the 2023 theme for the flower show is expected to inject some surprise and awe into this year's display as well as spark images of spring. This yearly celebration, which is the biggest and most established of its sort in the country, officially ushers in spring in the region.


Floral Exhibitions and shopping at the PFS 2023
The Philadelphia Flower Show will also have a 'flower shopping' area.


While many people praised the outdoor show's 'full bloom' the previous year, the PHS understands that the central city is where it belongs and that being indoors will create an even better and more blooming experience. The numerous acres of the Pennsylvania Convention Center definitely allow for greater displays and will allow the floral creations to incorporate fascinating design aspects as well as let exhibitors show their floral passion and creative spaces while visitors also shop their favorite blooms.


Flowers that will be seen at the Philadelphia Flower Show


Gifting the Spark of Joy Through Flowers

Flowers have the instant ability to boost your happiness and overall joy. The Philadelphia Flower Show of 2023 will exceed your floral dreams in every way possible. The 'The Garden Electric' theme that'll be seen at the show, will capture that moment of happiness that occurs when giving or receiving flowers.


Philadelphia Flower Show will gift visitors with joy and flowers


Feelings of joy and celebration will be evoked by the brilliant variety of hues, distinctive shapes and textures, and sumptuous scents of beautiful floral arrangements and gardens. Visitors from all around the world will experience the electrifying presence of today's most dynamic floral designers, lush gardens, and landscapes thanks to this year's theme.



If you have not bought your tickets, what are you waiting for? The Philadelphia Flower Show will without a doubt be a floral experience you'll never forget!


Photos and videos by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society.



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