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By: THURSD. | 21-01-2021 | 5 min read
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At Red Lands Roses we work hard, yet consciously, producing the most beautiful roses in the world. This is only possible because, in addition to our quality standards, we prioritize the health, safety, and social welfare of our people. This is a story detailing the 8 steps towards achieving our quality goals. TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Rose Mini Must Fuchsia + Pink

Garden, Spray, and T-Hybrid Roses

Red Lands Roses was established in 1996 in Ruiru, on the outskirts of the capital city - Nairobi, Kenya. The altitude of about 2,000 meters and the proximity to the equator are ideal conditions for the cultivation of roses. We specialize in growing and exporting Garden, Spray, and T-Hybrid roses of the highest quality in a range of around 200 varieties. Our roses are grown in 28 hectares of greenhouses on a 100% hydroponic system. Instead of soil, we use volcanic material which is dug out from close to the farm, washed, and sterilized. Besides top-quality roses, this system ensures the maximum recycling of water,  and no rejects of phosphates and nitrates seep into groundwater.
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Rose Wild Radish
All this we do to ensure that we take care of our environment and ensure sustainability in its use. We are internationally recognized by these labels below for our practices that respect both people and the environment: In this short CNN special we show how we are able to make a mark in the challenging Japanese market.

Some Varieties

To see all our 200 varieties, we invite you to find the comprehensive roses catalog on our website. What's your color? What's your size, or shape? Everything's there, Mini Must, Garden, Spray, and T-Hybrid roses. To name a few...
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Quick Sand + Rose Gentle Trendsetter  |  Right: Rose Saffron Smile
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Mansfield Park  |  Right: Rose Sandy Coast
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Kahala + Rose Mini Must White  |  Right: Rose Richmond Park + Rose Chocolate Bubbles
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Chiffon + Rose Menta  |  Right: Rose Dory
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Butter Cup + Rose Gentle Trendsetter  |  Right: Rose Black Gold

Ensuring the Highest Quality in 8 Steps

All processes at Red Lands Roses are aimed at ensuring that each stem that our clients receive is of the highest quality. In order to make this possible, we take the following 8 steps: All our processes are geared to ensuring that we continuously improve the quality of each stem. We select only the varieties with the longest vase life. Our varieties have an average vase life of 13 days.
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Rose Mini Must White

Our Peoples' Welfare

Our first asset is our people who work daily to produce the most beautiful roses in the world. Health and safety is a priority. Our daycare center for young children, school fees sponsorship for all employees, bicycle project, solar lamps project, a communal organic vegetable garden, and medical cover for all employees and their families are among our social efforts for the well-being of our employees. Our full unionizable staff is a member of the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU) which represents agriculture sector workers in Kenya. We have twenty shop stewards who represent the staff in union matters. The shop stewards are allowed 30 minutes of paid time every week to train the staff on labor-related matters. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the business was badly hit, the Red Lands Roses management ensured that no staff was fired. Instead, they worked part-time hours, ensuring that all staff maintained their source of income here at the farm. In addition, a number of measures were put in place to ensure that the farm was compliant with the Ministry of Health requirements to make all workplaces compliant with COVID-19 regulations. This is a video story about how Red Lands Roses coped with COVID-19, exercising resilience, ensuring that staff is taken care of, in spite of the circumstances. At the farm, we have several hand washing and disinfection points, temperature sensors, masks for all employees and their immediate families, and markings indicating a distance of 1.5 meters in between persons in common spaces. The staff is also trained continuously by the company doctor on how to ensure that they and their families remain safe. We at Red Lands Roses recognize that we need to ensure the wellness of all our 500 employees in order for them to work as tirelessly as they do to ensure that the quality standards at Red Lands Roses are maintained.
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Chocolate Bubbles  |  Right: Rose Pimms
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Tiara  |  Right: Rose Kimono
TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Left: Rose Bala + Rose Mini Must Fuchsia  |  Right: Rose Bala

Supporting Maasai Women

In addition to internal systems that ensure sustainability and welfare of our employees, Red Lands Roses supports a Maasai Women Group by purchasing their art in the form of bracelets which they sell to take their girls to school. All the funds raised by this women's group are used to educate the girls who are often ostracized by their communities for refusing to take part in female genital mutilation (FGM). This is Red Lands Roses's way of supporting the Maasai girls and showing our stand against FGM.

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TOTF2021 Red Lands Roses
Rose Orange Peps



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