Smithers-Oasis Operates from Units All Over the World

More than anything we want to act mindfully

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One of the strong sustainable cards of Smithers-Oasis is having a short logistics chain. By being close to their customers in units all over the world. Also, some of the units themselves are equipped with led light, solar panels, heat pumps, and what is possible to act in a sustainable way.

Sustainability Is Top Priority Now More than Ever

Smithers-Oasis Operates from Units all over the World - Studio PSG - Philippe Bas - TOTF 2021 - Article on Thursd
Philippe Bas - Photography: Studio PSG

Chris Martens, Managing Director of Smithers-Oasis Belgium about Sustainability

Sustainability has always played an important role in our company. One of the reasons that we launched, several years ago, OASIS® BIOLIT® and OASIS® BIOLINE® Floral Foam products with their paper and wood surfaces. For a few years, we have our OASIS® Bio Floral Foam. The Bio foam that we are selling in the BeNeLux is produced by our sister company in Germany. This product has been shown by ASTM D5511 to biodegrade 51,5% within 365 days and up to 91% in 1100 days in biologically active landfill conditions.* Of course, we want that to be 100% but if it was that easy, we would already produce it. Now we can say that for the most commonly used classic green OASIS® Floral Foam products we have a Bio-product available. Our labs keep working on a 100% biodegradable product, despite the whole Covid crisis we are going through.

OASIS® Black Ideal-  and OASIS® Bio Floral Foam


Isn’t it awesome that these colors blend so beautifully with nature? That way a florist doesn’t have to make sure everything is covered. Parts of the foam can stay visible. You will use less material for your arrangements. So if you compare to regular products and the amount of material you use for the OASIS® Bio- and OASIS® Black Ideal Foam you can almost say our foam is for free. Besides, it’s a way to distinguish yourself as a florist. And customers are more than willing to buy beautiful arrangements already prepared in your shop to take home.

Tips and Tricks


On our website you can find, besides the whole assortment, also a link to “Tips & Tricks”. Here you can find videos of many products and information. Keep in mind that we have a different product range globally, so make sure to inform you properly. *Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. The rate and extent showed do not mean that the product will continue to decompose

FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 and FloraLife® Express Universal 300 Products Now Available in Fairtrade-certified Formats

FloraLife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company, is announcing the availability of its FloraLife® Clear ULTRA 200 and FloraLife® Express Universal 300 products in Fairtrade-certified formats.FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 and FloraLife® Express Universal 300 Products Now Available in Fairtrade-Certified Formats - TOTF2021 - Article on Thursd

Fairtrade Certification

Fairtrade is an international organization that works with companies to help them certify their products as ethically sourced from farmers and workers who get fair compensation. FloraLife received Fairtrade certification after its supply chain was vetted for responsible sugar sourcing. In order to receive Fairtrade certification, FloraLife had to change some of its product ingredients, as well as how they were sourced. The quality and efficacy of the products are equivalent to FloraLife’s non-Fairtrade certified products. Fairtrade certification is one of FloraLife’s initiatives in working towards the goals identified in its 2025 Sustainability Plan. The sustainability initiative is a long-term plan targeted for 2025 that implements the reduce, re-use, recycle and respect principles in four areas: water, innovation, production and consumption, and climate action.

“We are committed to the principles represented by Fairtrade certification,” said Jim Daly, Vice President, FloraLife/Oasis Grower Solutions Global Operations and Corporate Research. “While this initiative is part of our 2025 Sustainability Plan, we’ve also found that more consumers are demanding Fairtrade products and the transparency that goes along with them.”

Smithers-Oasis Operates from Units all over the World - TOTF2021 - Article on Thursd

To Increase Sales

FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 was developed for exporters, wholesalers, bouquet operations, supermarkets, and florists to provide hydration and nutrition to all flowers and foliage types without the need to re-cut stems. The product helps reduce the length of harvest cycle time, allowing for more flexibility in buying and harvesting, and freeing up processing labor time to better serve customers. This premium technology ultimately leads to increased sales. Because flowers can ship, store and sell with their stems at harvest length, there is a reduction in product loss, waste management, equipment maintenance, production space, and handling. It also reduces stress and mechanical damage to the flower, limiting the chance for pathogens to be introduced. It works best with flowers that are stored dry for less than two weeks.

Fairtrade-certified Product

FloraLife® Express Universal 300 is an insurance policy that continued care happens at the consumer level. It is a unique and innovative flower food solution that allows fresh cut flowers and foliage to stay fully hydrated and fed without having to recut the stem before putting in the solution. Developed for an enhanced consumer experience, this premium product encourages the flowers to properly start opening, showing vibrant colors, and promoting uptake for hydration and nutrition to help keep stems clear and free-flowing for maximum enjoyment. For questions or additional information on FloraLife’s Fairtrade initiative and its Fairtrade-certified products, contact Global Product Manager, Mark Allen at [email protected]

About Smithers-Oasis

Smithers-Oasis’ global expertise of the plant and flower business stretches from propagation to presentation. With locations in 20 countries and resources around the world, Smithers-Oasis manufactures floral foam products, postharvest products, growing media, and flower arranging supplies for the floriculture industry. OASIS® and FloraLife® are registered trademarks of Smithers-Oasis Company and represent two of the company’s most recognizable brands. The businesses selling these brands were founded in 1954 and 1938, respectively. With more than 60 years of experience with foaming technology, Smithers-Oasis also develops specialty foams for a wide variety of applications including packaging, impression, absorption, and molding. The company’s driving purpose is “to help people express and experience emotion by adding value to flowers and plants.”

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Smithers-Oasis, a privately-owned company, is headquartered in Kent, Ohio, USA. [email protected] Thursd socials website internet  Thursd socials facebook  Thursd socials instagram



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