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By: THURSD. | 01-10-2020 | 3 min read
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Lisianthus Extraordinaire by Takii

Takii is one of the world's leading breeders of ornamental crops and, it is our mission to enrich your life with beautiful flowers! Our cut flower treasures go from helianthus to brassica and beyond. Today we welcome you to wade through our lisianthus novelties. All varieties are available now at Holland’s top-notch lisianthus growers. TOTF2020 Takii

10 Must-see Lisianthus Novelties

From fluffy-like pink fringed flowers to lavender lush lisianthus, explore all our novelties! Lisianthus Croma Champagne Croma Champagne has a bubbly character! Excellent branching, lovely cup-shaped flowers with extraordinary coloring that balances between salmon, apricot and pink. Lisianthus Croma Pink Picotee Croma Pink Picotee’s nickname is ‘Bridal Kiss’. It is as if the rose-like flower got a sweet little smooch on the top of its thick and strong petals. Now picture this flower at a wedding….would you use it for a corsage, hairpiece, or extravagant centerpiece? Lisianthus Corelli Peach Corelli Peach’s nickname is ‘Cotton Candy’ as it is absolute eye-candy! Fluffy-like pink fringed flowers with a green center matching the green buds. Lisianthus Corelli Lavender This is just lavender lush! Corelli Lavendel has strong, stable fringed flowers. A bold centerpiece or romantic bouquet? How would you style Corelli Lavender?
Lisianthus Corelli Lavender
Lisianthus Corelli Lavender
Lisianthus Arena Blue Picotee Arena Blue Picotee’s fully-double flowers are white with contrasting, dark blue rim. For flower artists who dare to try something extraordinary.
Lisianthus Arena Blue Picotee
Lisianthus Arena Blue Picotee
Lisianthus Falda Apricot Falda Apricot has gorgeous fringed petals. The apricot color has a somewhat friendly and soothing effect. Would you combine Falda Apricot with orange tones or a contrasting color?
Lisianthus Falda Apricot
Lisianthus Falda Apricot
Lisianthus Giant White Like its name already says, the lisianthus Giant White has big filled pure white flowers. The long branch looks very elegant as a mono bunch and as a shiny eye-catcher in any bouquet in any season.
Lisianthus Giant White Cut Flower on Thursd
Lisianthus Giant White
Lisianthus Corelli Rose Compared to the other Corelli family members, Corelli Rose has a smaller head size and a large number of flowers per stem. The flowers have a long-lasting, fresh, mid-pink color.
Lisianthus Corelli Rose
Lisianthus Corelli Rose
Lisianthus Corelli Blue Corelli Blue has excellent large, double flowers with elegant fringed, curly petals. Along with the large flower buds, it has an elegant yet playful appearance and can create a classical ambiance.
Lisianthus Corelli Blue
Lisianthus Corelli Blue
Lisianthus Corelli Yellow Corelli Yellow has strong fringed petals and beautiful lime-green buds creating an almost luminous effect.
Lisianthus Corelli Yellow
Lisianthus Corelli Yellow
Have a look at Takii’s Lisianthus assortment on Thursd to discover more treasures.

Walkthrough with Hendri

Watch the latest lisianthus walkthrough with expert Hendri Veurink, probably the biggest Lisianthus fan on this planet.

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Whether it is about lisianthus, helianthus, brassica, or any other cut flower variety from our portfolio, if you have questions we are here to help. Go to to find more information about our products or contact Senior Portfolio Manager Hendri Veurink via [email protected] TOTF2020 Takii



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