The 2020 EUROPA CUP for Florists

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By: THURSD. | 24-02-2020 | 5 min read

The Polish Florist Association and Florint, together with their sponsors, will be hosting a top-level floristry championship in Poland in June: the EUROPA CUP 2020. Will you come and celebrate first-class floristry, at the event of the year…?

What: the world-famous European Floristry Championship
When: from 5 to 7 June of 2020
Where: at the International Congress Centre in Katowice, Poland
Who: between 25 and 30 world-class floral designers
Why: because professional floristry deserves the greatest possible podium!
History in the making…

It is hard to believe, but it has been more than half a century since the International Florist Organisation first organised the European Floristry Championship commonly known as the ‘Europa Cup’! Sixty years later, the Europa Cup remains one of the most prestigious championships for floral design professionals to compete in. An achievement we’re proud of. Organising floristry championships like the Europa Cup is intimately familiar to Florint. The very founding of the International Florist Organisation back in 1956 relates to competitions! Back then, our member associations wanted to learn more about how floristry was being done throughout Europe. Cooperation between the European nations was far from obvious, however. Cold war tensions defined the ideologically divided continent. But the countries overcame their mutual distrust, and organised the first-ever floristry championship together. In the end, the Swiss competitor was crowned the first official European floristry champion. A remarkable tradition was born.. Eurocup Florists Flyer

The Europa Cup competitors

Nowadays, any country in the world can be represented in the Europa Cup, and any professional florist can compete. Candidates for Europa Cup 2020 are initially nominated by Florint’s Member and Candidate Member associations. Any remaining slots are then filled by qualified florists from non-member countries that meet Florint’s criteria. All the nominating florist associations can’t wait for the moment that their national champions get to demonstrate their abilities, proudly representing their country’s floristry sector. As Florint’s Europa Cup is organised only every 4 years, it makes for a very special occasion. The deadline to enrol was January 31st 2020, for all competitors. The enrolment process is currently being finalised, and we will officially announce all the competitors soon. Many prominent florists have signed up, it goes without saying!

A competition inspired by music

The Europa Cup 2020 participants will compete in six tasks, with musical themes. They will begin with a 90-minute challenge of preparing a table arrangement for a school reunion, called "Every life has a soundtrack". The second task is a floral installation - 'Dance in the Rain' - which is the biggest design piece the contestants will be faced with. The arrangement is supposed to show the beauty of movement and dance, while at least 50% of the living plant material must be placed in black Oasis foam. A challenging job! The third assignment is to florally decorate a dancer. For this task, entitled 'Dancing Queen', the participants will have 2 hours and the inspiration will be a specially prepared soundtrack. Afterwards, the participants' floristic skills will be tested via two surprise tasks. Details of those tasks remain secret for now; they will only be presented to the competitors a few minutes before the beginning of the event. Every contestant will receive an identical set of materials, as well as guidelines which must be followed. The final task is a hand-held bouquet arrangement entitled 'Life is much like a song'. This assignment will take place during the Final Gala on Saturday evening. Complemented by a feast for the senses with musical and artistic attractions, this year’s Europa Cup champion will be announced. Afterwards, the contestants and visitors can dance the night away during the afterparty. Masters Of Florists

Not just a Championship…

The Europa Cup 2020 is not just a top-level floristry competition. It is a massive get-together that offers many other happenings alongside: During a series of shows titled ‘Four Parts of the World’, we will be treated to four different regional takes on floristry. The best florists from Latin America, China, Europe and Poland will perform. These floristic demonstrations will highlight the culture, traditions and temperament of different nations. We will have an opportunity to admire the artistry and craftsmanship that go beyond words and, despite language barriers, can be understood by everyone! One of the most prominent highlights of the Europa Cup 2020 will be the ‘Masters of Masters’ show, where European Champions from previous editions of the competition perform on one stage. The history of the European Championship is one of many real stars of floristry. This special evening show is a one-of-a-kind encounter, which may well never happen again! Expect a grand display of experience, excellence and creativity. Nowadays, business knowledge is essential to running a prosperous company. To share this wisdom, a series of seminars and discussion panels on the future of the floral industry is also planned around the Europa Cup 2020. Distinguished experts will share their knowledge and experience of online sales, social media, sustainable development, marketing strategies, trends for 2021 and many other important topics. Venue Eurocup Florists

The value of floristry competitions

Florint and the Polish Florist Association firmly believe that competitions strengthen ties and stimulate innovation. They allow top-level florists to push the boundaries of their art form, encouraging new ideas, interpretations, and design styles. An occasion like the Europa Cup is a perfect opportunity for the floral design world to showcase its diverse talents. In front of fellow florists, as well as fans and consumers. Thereby reminding millions of viewers around the world of the unique beauty of flowers!



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