The Surprising Plantanious Season Has Started

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By: THURSD. | 17-03-2021 | 3 min read
In the assortment of Dutch grower Plantanious, you will find a big selection of surprising, special flowering seasonal products. A range that they continue to expand. Plants with which you can distinguish yourself from your customers. Scroll down, read the stories, and be inspired for your perfect patio. The Surprising Plantanious Season Has Started

Surprisingly Green

Plantanious is a dynamic, innovative, and sustainable horticultural company specializing in the cultivation of houseplants and flowering seasonal products. Not only do they grow plants in their own 4.5ha greenhouse in the Dutch region of Westland, but they also benefit from fair and long-term partnerships locally and abroad. This allows Plantanious to cultivate a broad assortment of many different and surprising products for the market. And they never stand still for a moment! Plantanious is constantly searching for new and surprising products and trends to make life more pleasant. The Surprising Plantanious Season Has Started

One Green Turn Deserves Another

Plantanious is more than just a company: it is also a vision. Because at Plantanious, they act and think green. For example, they heat their greenhouses with geothermal energy, and they supply their own electricity needs with a huge array of solar panels. They are justifiably proud of their CO2 reduction, which means they can make their products even greener than they already are!

Family business

Plantanious is built on the foundation of Kwekerij Loek Jansen, a family concern that has been a pioneer in the cultivation of houseplants and flowering seasonal products for three generations. In the past twenty years, Loek Jansen specialized in cultivating Ficus and container plants. Plantanious is run by the twin brothers Joost and Freek Jansen, entrepreneurs with a unique, clear vision and a heart and passion for green. Their mission: grow the company and let it flourish while realizing a green, healthy world.

Colorful Seasonals

Plantanious produces high-quality seasonals for balconies, terraces, and borders. These plants bloom up to three seasons. All of their seasonals are available in mono and color mixes.

Meet the Limonium Salt Lake®

Limonium Salt Lake® is the 2020 winner of the Golden Pearl (the award for very special plants). The salt crystals covering the leaves of the Salt Lake® attract many butterflies and other friendly pollinators. The cultivation of the limonium also has a low energy impact and therefore contributes to the sustainable, environmentally friendly character of Salt Lake®.

Meet the Colorita® Collection

A selection of colorful bedding plants ensures festive days outside! This peculiar, striking alstroemeria for the balcony, patio, and garden will give consumers carefree enjoyment all summer long.

Meet the Garvinea Garden Gerberas

These plants have great garden performance blooming from early spring until the first frost with high resistance to pests and diseases. Now with larger and more striking flowers, the nonstop flowering Garvineas are perfect for planting in the garden or courtyard for long-term enjoyment. The Garvinea Cheeky® Series is completely new in the Garvinea Garden Gerbera Assortment. Garvinea Cheeky® has a compact crop and shows its cheeky mini flowers from spring until the start of the frost period. The strong Garvinea genetics form the basis of this uniform plant. Don’t be misled by the cuteness, because the Cheeky® Series produces the highest flower count of all the Garvinea Series.

Meet the Patio Gerberas®

Patio Gerberas® are unique voluminous plants with stunning large flowers. Clustered in large containers Patio Gerberas® offer a great burst of beauty. The long-lasting, successive flowers will hold their colors for months. The name says it all: the Patio Gerbera® performers best in a planter on a patio or balcony.
The Surprising Plantanious Season Has Started
Patio Gerberas®



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