The Top 10 Dorm Room Plants for College Students

While there are many houseplants, not all are optimized for your dorm room setting. These are some of the best plants to decorate your college dorm room. 

By: THURSD | 18-08-2022 | 4 min read
Indoor Plants

Adding plants to your college dorm room is one of the easiest ways to decorate the room. It can help to breathe life and add some color to your space. However, they’re not only good for beautifying the room but they’re also known for lowering your stress and improving your productivity. So you may not need to seek an assignment expert to get college papers if you’re productive enough to do it yourself. However, some plants are more suited for a dorm room than others. This article discusses the top 10 room plants you can use in your dorm. 

1) Lucky Bamboo

This is an almost indestructible plant. You can grow it in soil or with decorative rocks in distilled water. You only need to place it in a spot where it gets enough light (bright or moderate) and changes the water regularly to prevent algae from growing. It doesn’t need a soggy sol, just enough water to maintain some moisture. 


Lucky Bamboo


2) Ponytail Palm

The dramatic ponytail palm plant makes your dorm room more striking. It’s a stunning, low-maintenance plant with bright, pom-style foliage looking lively all year round. This plant must be in a bright spot, like a sunny desk or windowsill. It doesn’t need much water, so you only need to add a little when it gets dry, which might be once in ten days. The unique appearance of this plant helps to set apart your dorm room. 


Ponytail palm


3) Hoya

This plant belongs to a large plant genus characterized by wavy leaves with aromatic flowers. Although it requires some light to thrive, it’s a hardy plant capable of withstanding neglect, if the case be. This is due to the drought-tolerant nature of the plant. However, when you notice the soil is getting dry, you should add water and ensure it gets bright indirect light. 




4) Money Tree

This is one of the best dorm room plants to consider if you want to be daring with your room décor. They’re often braided and grown together to get the best appearance and may resemble tropical bonsai. This plant grows best in evenly moist soil with medium to bright indoor light. It’s a good choice, not because it grows cash, but because of the classy and sophisticated air and aura, it adds to your dorm room. 


Money Tree


5) Succulents

Succulents are ideal if you want a small but attractive room plant that requires minimal maintenance. You need a window that can receive full sun for your succulents to grow healthily. Otherwise, you can set a small grow light. Succulents don’t require much water, but they must have good drainage. 




6) Ferns

This is a classic houseplant with fine-textured fronds, which makes it appear graceful and elegant for your indoor space. This plant is attractive and versatile, so it works well with all decorating styles, making it a terrific living accessory. Ferns love humidity, so you should let the soil dry off, and you could even group them with other houseplants. Also, keep it in a medium to bright spot for light. Besides the fresh green color brightening your space, they’re also natural humidifiers. 




7) Snake Plant

This is one of the biggest low-maintenance plants. Although it grows slowly, it’s also very hard to kill it. It also grows in several shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that matches your preferred style. Water it before the soil is fully dry and put it under bright, indirect light. 


Snake plants


8) Peace Lily

This popular houseplant features large white blooms and dark green leaves, making it a pretty houseplant to grow. It’s a naturally resilient plant and can purify indoor air. Peace lily requires evenly moist soil and a good amount of light to grow well. It ensures the air in your room is fresh and clean and makes your room décor more charming. 


Peace Lily


9) ZZ Plant

This plant grows under low light, so they’re perfect for your darkroom setting. They also don’t need much water as they’re growing from rhizomes which store nutrients and water under the soil for months. They can grow up to 3 feet tall indoors but grow slowly, so you won't need to report quickly. 


ZZ Plant


10) Anthurium

Anthurium has bright blooms with shiny green leaves. So it adds more life and color to your room. It’s also very easy to maintain and can tolerate several living situations. Growing well requires bright indoor light and enough water to prevent the soil from drying out completely. This plant's beautiful, heart-shaped blooms make your room homey and cozy. It also blooms year-round as long as it gets enough light. 





While there are many houseplants, not all are optimized for your dorm room setting. These are some of the best plants to decorate your college dorm room. 




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