The Winner of the Polish Florist of the Year 2021 Contest Is Zbigniew Dziwulski

Taking the profession of florist to a higher level every day. For customers, and for the floral industry in general. That's what makes this designer stand out.

By: THURSD. | 26-02-2022 | 1 min read
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In the last week of February 2022, the final contest for Polish Florist of the Year 2021 was held. Three talented florists, Joanna Kiedacz, Zbigniew Dziwulski and Hubert Lamanski competed against each other. And we have a winner. The title of "Florist of the Year 2021" organized by the Polish Florists Association SFP goes to Zbigniew Dziwulski.

SFP Florist of the Year 2021 

This year's edition of the contest featured 20 candidates - Florists with a capital "F" that, according to the public, deserved recognition in the field of floristry. They are full of passion and very involved in promoting the floral industry. These florists go beyond regular commercial work. From the submitted applications three finalists were selected by the jury from the submitted applications: Zbigniew Dziwulski, Joanna Kiedacz, and Hubert Lamanski.


Final 3 with Winner Zbigniew Dziwulski as Florist of the Year 2021 in Poland on Thursd

Zbigniew Dziwulski, Joanna Kiedacz, and Hubert Lamanski


The Volatility of a Woman

The finalists were invited to take part in 'The volatility of a woman' show during which the winner was announced. The show was a great attraction for the guests. A lot of positive emotions, tons of inspiration, and a magical atmosphere made for a great Sunday afternoon.


Zbigniew Dziwulski Polish Florist of the Year 2021 on Thursd

Zbigniew Dziwulski


Joanna Kiedacz Polish Florist of the Year 2021 on Thursd

Joanna Kiedacz


Hubert Lamański Polish Florist of the Year 2021 on Thursd

Hubert Lamanski


Zbigniew Dziwulski

The trophy of "Florist of the Year 2021" went to Zbigniew Dziwulski, who, according to the jury, was the most active in promoting floristry and contributed the most to popularizing the culture of surrounding himself with flowers. Zbigniew also went beyond the standard scheme of the florist's work and monetary gratification was secondary to his floral goals.


The Winner from Polish Florist Association Contest Florist of the Year 2021 Zbigniew Dziwulski on Thursd

Photos by Marcin Czech


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