These Are the Thursd Floriculture Awareness Campaigns of 2020

Learn how these campaigns represent everyone from the worldwide flower industry.

By: THURSD. | 23-12-2020 | 5 min read

With flowers and plants running through the DNA and storytelling in the hearts, Thursd has grown in the year 2020 into an international platform. Naturally, this was also thanks to the contribution of you. The professionals from the flower industry. Stories were spread which moved people from all over the globe. The flower industry at its best. The union of flower knowledge, creativity, and content marketing makes Thursd a modern platform for the flower enthusiast.  At Thursd there's production and distribution under ‘one roof’ and directors and online marketers at the same drawing board. Because of the connections and insights from the industry, Thursd created some awareness campaigns.

Solomon Leong Covid-19 Quote
Quote by Thursd blogger Solomon Leong

Online Awareness Campaigns in Floriculture

Since this year, together with you, Thursd is able to seriously move the international floricultural audience. With campaigns, stories, and on social media. The possibilities by digital media are endless and the Thursd platform reaches all continents. In this article, the Thursd campaigns are pointed out that were used to address topics that deserve more awareness. With the global reach of the Thursd platform, it seems inevitable to create campaigns such as the 'Inspirational Women’s Week', 'Being Gay in the Floral World', 'Ripe vs Raw', insights on the impact of Covid to the flower industry, and picking a floral trend color for sustainability by Thursd. Here are those 2020 campaigns lined up for you:

Being Gay In the Floral World

Can everyone really be themselves when working in the floral industry? And what happens when we bring a designer’s personal preferences to the discussion? Four gay designer duos shared with Thursd how being creative gives them freedom of expression. The platform created a moment for Putnam & Putnam, The Wunderkammer, Ampersand and Kwiaty & Miut, and their manifest in flowers.

being gay in the floral world on Thursd header
Putnam and Putnam during the interview

Why, in the year 2020, did Thursd bring this topic to the table? In the international floral industry, creativity is cheered upon. People are touched by the things you do, by your unique floral creations. In some parts of the world though, being your ultimate self is not so obvious. What if your floral designs are the only way of expressing who you truly are? It means that you emphasize the creative part of being gay but avoid the more delicate subject of your sexual preferences. Read more about the campaign of Being Proud in the Floral World and watch the interviews in the video below.

Inspirational Women's Day

A tribute to inspirational women in flowers, an entire week long. A week in which Thursd dove into the subject of gender equality and women’s contribution to the floral industry. During the run-up to International Women’s Day, what better way than to hear it from the women of the flower industry? Inspirational women's week on thursd header In the week prior to March 8, interviews of some of the world’s amazing floral professionals were published for you. These professionals color the world and are all women positioned in a floral business or running their own floral business. Also, other power women, related to the flower industry, in event design or creating essentials and art, deserved a shout-out. Read the interviews of the inspiring women of Fam Flower Farm, learn about Beth Syphers that owns her role as a female flower-farmer, about the inner power and creativity of the women of FlowerBazar, and the inspiring upcoming talent Yamile Bulos that dreams big and takes risks. The thoughts behind this #EachForEqual campaign can be found in the article Inspiring Women's Week on Thursd. Inspirational Women's Week Wave collage

Ripe Versus Raw

The ‘markets’ prefer to have their flowers raw. In the campaign ‘Ripe versus Raw' a series of interviews and articles showed that the vase life and flower performance for some flowers are better when they are being left on the plant for a longer time. But what does it take to sell flowers riper? Ripe or Raw - on Thursd - Peonies - Header The raw selling process frustrates breeders and growers; knowing that their flowers will perform better at people’s homes when they are sold riper but the market demands a different quality of flowers. What came out of this Thursd campaign was an overview of global insights of the markets that demand raw and where the breeders and growers say riper. Interesting and eye-opening content for the flower enthusiast!

About Ripe or Raw - Voorn Spray Roses feature About Ripe or Raw - Porta Nova feature1

Global Interviews About The Effects Of COVID-19

During the challenging times when COVID-19 forced us to reset, several initiatives such as online support groups, petitions, and interviews were initiated. Various interviews from industry professionals worldwide were published on Thursd in a period of a few months. This gathered insights about the effect of the coronavirus on either personal situations and renewing company perspectives. Mayesh COVID-19 Impact - Header The 'COVID-19 stories from all over the globe' series gave insights into the direct impact on the floral trade to the expected long-term influences of the virus on the flower industry.

My Peony Society about Covid-19 Quote Srikant Kanoi Covid-19 Quote Henrik Andersen Covid-19 Quote

Besides personal interviews, many initiatives arose to bring support to the floral industry and at the same time bring joy to a lot of flower-people that deserved a smile on their faces in the rollercoaster that 2020 was. Learn more about the tens of interviews taken by Thursd on the topic COVID-19.

Floral Trend Color Scorched Earth

With the pay-off “Be part of the change and create awareness with flowers” the Floral Trend Color of the Year 2021: Scorched Earth (#e49e00 golden-yellow) was revealed by Thursd in November 2020. Thursd aims to increase awareness about sustainability in floriculture by picking a floral trend color each year. Scorched Earth - Floral Trend color of the Year 2021- Header Bolte By choosing a floral trend color for the year 2021, with the impressive name Scorched Earth, attention is drawn, and awareness is created about the possible consequences of climate change. Scorched Earth can be interpreted both positively and negatively. The urge to do something is emphasized, as well as the positive impact that we are already making in the flower industry. It also highlights the existing initiatives in floriculture in which people are working together to be part of the solution.

Scorched Earth Color Palette - sunrise - Scorched Earth Floral Trend Color 2021
The Scorched Earth color palette

For two weeks, over forty floral designers from all over the world contributed on the platform and the socials of Thursd to create awareness and attention by means of designs in the Scorched Earth color palette and telling why the theme Scorched Earth is important to them. Read more about the Floral Trend Color campaign.



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