These Floral Face Masks Are Pretty Cool

Florists show off their covid creativity in the form of floral face masks

By: THURSD. | 05-08-2021 | 3 min read
Floral face masks are the cutest. The pandemic hasn't brought a lot of good things but if there's one thing we humans - and in this case, florists - are good at, it's turning lemons into lemonade. Lockdowns were uncomfortable for many people, not going about our days are we were so used to, but it also sparked creativity in all kinds of shapes and forms.

Covid Creativity in the Form of Floral Face Masks

A great example of covid creativity is floral face masks. Take a look around your social media feeds and you'll see it sprout from all corners of the world. Granted, these floral face masks might not work medically speaking but they totally rock in a fashionable sense. Scroll down and enjoy the flowers!

Unveiling Poppy Store Floral Face Masks

"What happens when creatives are forced to wear masks? Well we get creative, and just a little bit silly. We totally got the look though. Don’t let lockdown vibes get you down. Keep loving, keep creating. If you’re stuck, call us or message and let’s create together. Stay strong UP Fam. See you soon!"

Unordinary Omen Floristry

"@kwi5ten let me borrow her pretty face for an hour while we shot my attempt at this #floralmask deal. What’s the word?"

The Flower Theory

"Sometimes in life we need to do things not because we are told to but because it’s simply the right thing to do. The great debate over wearing a mask, as we take a step back and hit the pause button. In our small town a number of businesses are still not able to open their doors due to rising numbers. I’m going to wear my mask so my fellow business owners can open, what about you?"

Moelleux Events

Rachel Elle Fashion Designer

"It’s been so important for me to stay creative during these times, and to be honest I’ve now overwhelmed myself with creative projects, but I’m really not too mad about it! How are you keeping busy right now?!"

Petite Maui Florist

"Mask up Friends 🌸😷 Flower mask & Lei Po’o worn by those two beauties"

Shaedy Pots

"Change something from uncomfortable to beautiful. No one likes wearing a mask, but since we have to why not turn it into something joyful and memorable. Discomfort can have a silver lining. Covid and this past year has taught me the importance of making the most out of the moments we have. What has been a lesson you have learnt? (PS: I know this isn't a WHO-approved mask)."

Charlotte Staff Flowers

"It’s shoots like this, in a year like this that makes you know your trade is in your bones, and no matter what happens (pandemics & unseasonable storms!) when you love what you do, with a crazy enough bunch of supplier friends by your side you can make beautiful things happen! No 2020 wedding shoot would be complete without a bridal face mask, so I went full on fresh flowers for Kayleigh’s to match her bouquet. A must have for all of my 2021 brides I think!"

Inanna Solveig

"Flower bomber masks- a bouquet for your face!"

B Floral Design & Production

"Our 'floral design world' version of Halloween masks. Floral masks created by our Design and Production Manager, Eliza Beers (@elizadoesitall). Hair and makeup by James Vincent (@jvincentmakeup). Photography by @lilbru."

Kristina Rimienė EMC

"I created this floral mask of solidarity and support in the colors of the old Belarusian flag as a symbol to support the detained and imprisoned independent journalist Denis Dudinski @ dudinski_denis and all the people of Belarus who are fighting for their freedom. Even hidden smiles can say more than all the violence and repression - we believe in your freedom!"



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