These Plants All Have Air Purifying Health Benefits

14 passionate growers work together to bring you beautiful green and fresh air

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Air So Pure® - The Green Medicine

We welcome you to the online booth of Air So Pure® and hope we can share with you all about our plants whose health benefits have been scientifically proven. These "natural air cleaners" are specially selected for their strong air purifying effect. TOTF2020 Air So Pure The presence of these plants that purify the air in your office or home creates a healthier and more comfortable space around you and therefore more well-being and productivity and less illness. These days it becomes more and more important to live in healthy circumstances. Aiming for a bright future in a sustainable environment, the plants from the 14 passionate Air So Pure® growers, help you to make a difference with the air you breathe. Full of oxygen. Especially inside, air-purifying plants can make a difference. Extensive scientific research has shown that plants are capable of absorbing damaging substances from the air and cleaning the air in that way.

Air So Pure® Plants Are Natural Air Fresheners

You may have conversations about the power of green and health, about sustainability, what’s organic, biological, going back to nature? All important topics these days. For governments, businesses, and consumers alike. The brand Air So Pure® joins seamlessly to this with its air-purifying green plants. They are not only great air-purifying plants, but they also have been grown in very sustainable ways. In the most modern greenhouses. Love Leaves Air So Pure Plants on Thursd

Make the Difference with Air So Pure® Plants

When offering a range of Air So Pure® plants to your customers, you can really make a difference. To purify the air at your customers of course, but you can also position your business in a better, more sustainable way.


Every plant produces a certain amount of oxygen, but not many plants have the air-purifying qualities of Air So Pure® plants:
-Neutralize harmful gases by absorbing them and breaking them down* -Improve the humidity level in the air using their regulating vaporization process -Make the air healthier by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen

*How does that work? The cells of plants are small chemical factories where chemical substances are converted into other substances, contaminated substances are broken down and good substances are formed.

Air So Pure® on Thursd. - Header

Protect Future Growth by Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants is a global biotech leader helping producers scale by eliminating the risks and variables of commercial cultivation; they provide the spathiphyllum for the growers.

14 Growers Join Together in Air So Pure®

Air So Pure® plants are easy to take care of. No need for green fingers:-)! The wide range of products is currently grown by the 14 growers you can see below. These 14 growers make the Air So Pure® plants available at many garden centers, flower shops, retail- and online businesses.

Teun Valstar Shadowplant

Teun Valstar Shadowplant is a nursery in tropical houseplants, the Calathea. Calathea originates from South-America and is a very decorative plant that keeps well. The plant is characterized by the colored and sharp markings in the leaves. Their range presently consists of 12 different types, which they grow the whole year Teun Valstar Shadowplant - header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Teun Valstar Shadowplant. Teun Valstar Shadowplant Calathea - Featured on Thursd

Raadschelders Varens

Raadschelders Ferns specializes in the cultivation of different types of ferns. Their company is located in the central Netherlands. Production is divided between two locations, the headquarters in Uithoorn and the second branch in Zevenhoven. The total area of ​​the two companies covers 55,000 m2. Raadschelders Varens - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Raadschelders Varens. Raadschelders Varens - featured on Thursd

Handelskwekerij Nederpelt

Nederpelt grows the beautiful spathiphyllum Sweet Lauretta and Bing. Nederpelt Spathiphyllum - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Handelskwekerij Nederpelt Nederpelt Spathiphyllum - Profile on Thursd


At Barreveld they do more than just grow plants. They plant all kinds of goodness: healthy, fresh air in your home or at your office, or a bit of romance on your terrace. Discover the enchanting stories and powers nature has to offer. Talk about goodness: all of their natural beauties also bring the gift of good fortune… Barreveld grows phlebodium Blue Star, a real beauty to have. Barreveld Phlebodium - Facebook Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Barreveld Barreveld Phlebodium - Features on Thursd

JK Plant

JK Plant started in 2010 as a small seed. This seed was in the form of a garden of 11,000 m2 on which various seasonal products were grown. After one year it was time for expansion and JK Plant moved to a (3x) larger location of no less than 35,000 m2. Beautiful Amaryllises, Peperomia, Araucaria, Fatsia, and various bedding plants were grown at this location. JK Plant Spathiphyllum - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of JK Plant. JK Plant Spathiphyllum - Featured on Thursd


Value for money… and attractive in more ways than one: spathiphyllum. That is what Bestplant grows. The spathiphyllum is an ideal plant, whichever way you look at it. Care for the plant is straightforward; it is easy to transport, even over longer distances, and perhaps best of all, inexpensive. Comparable plants offering a similar volume of leaves and flowers can cost up to twice as much. And to top it all, your spathiphyllum will cleanse the very air you breathe. An extraordinary plant, therefore, with an individual narrative. Bestplant also grows hydrangea and begonia. Bestplant Spathiphyllum - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Bestplant. Bestplant Spathiphyllum - Featured on Thursd

Westland Plant

Westland Plant is located in the heart of Westland. The company was founded in 1996 and since then we have been working with a very enthusiastic team of people to grow a top product. Westland Plant - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Westland Plant. Westland Plant - Featured on Thursd

Forever Plants Group

Carefully chosen to make the world prettier, greener, and healthier Forever Plants Group grows yucca, dracaena, ficus, curcuma, and hibiscus. A smart, innovative, and sustainable family business, a happy company. Where in the smartest and sustainable way plants are being grown, cultures come together and the pool table is the first thing you stumble upon while entering. Ficus Benjamina Forever Plants Group Air Sor Pure on Thursd Header Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Forever Plants Group. Forever Plants Group Air So Pure on Thursd Featured


Quakelplant has many years of experience in growing hedera helix. The range consists of about ten different types (colors). They grow these plants all year round in three different pot sizes. These are 8.5 cm, 13 cm, and a 19 cm hanging pot. The hederas are auctioned daily in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, and can of course also be ordered and delivered. Because they drive their own trucks to the various Royal FloraHolland locations and also work with collective transporters, fast delivery of all products is guaranteed. Quakelplant Grower on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Quakelplant. Quakelplant Grower on Thursd

Van Marrewijk Steelhoven

Brothers Bram and Stefan van Marrewijk cultivate a varied assortment of green and flowering plants at the nursery in Made with great dedication and pleasure. The company distinguishes itself by offering plants with top quality and high service. They grow the highly air-purifying Spathiphyllum under the Air So Pure® brand. Van Marrewijk Steelhoven - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Van Marrewijk Steelhoven. Van Marrewijk Steelhoven - Featured on Thursd

VDE Plant

VDE Plant is a real family business located in the beautiful countryside just outside the Dutch town of Woubrugge. ‘VDE’ stands for ‘Van Der Eijk’, the family name of the company’s founders. Today, the third generation is running the business: brother and sister Karin and Edwin van der Eijk together with their partner, Hein Visser. Ever since 1948, their company has worked together with its employees who, like them, are committed to growing the most beautiful tropical houseplants for consumers. Chlorophytum Lemon Air so Pure Plants on Thursd Header Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of VDE Plant. Emina Dragon Tail Air So Pure Plants on Thursd

Van der Voort Potplanten

Van der Voort Potplanten was founded by Chris van der Voort, but its running has now been taken over by Olaf van der Voort. The nursery has a great variety of plant sizes and pot sizes, and they are also strong in customization, flexibility, speed, and logistics. For years, spathiphyllum and ludisia were bred, propagated, and cultivated with great pleasure and skill to create a broad assortment with varying pot sizes. Van der Voort Potplanten - Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Van der Voort Potplanten. Van der Voort Potplanten - Featured on Thursd

KP Holland

KP Holland is born to breed and bloom flowering plants: kalanchoë, curcuma, spathiphyllum, and mini plants, sold under the name BeMini Mix and Match. A family business with 140 passionate coworkers. What sets them apart is the provision of high-quality products and excellent service. They excel in supplying products that respond to the needs of the market and its customers. KP Holland Air So Pure Spathiphyllum Plants on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of KP Holland. KP Holland Spathiphyllum Air So Pure Plants on Thursd

Blom Kentia

Blom Kentia Palmen is a family business, run by brothers Paul and Christian Blom. The enthusiastic entrepreneurs run one of the most modern palm nurseries in Europe. From Aalsmeer, they supply customers worldwide with their Kentia. In the horticultural sector, Blom Kentia Palmen is a very well-known and respected name. The seeds are imported from Australia. These seeds are germinated and are then grown into a high-class Kentia palm. They are real “masters in growth”. Kentia Palm Header on Thursd Click here to see the company page on Thursd with the Air So Pure® products of Blom Kentia. Blom Kentia Palmen - Grower on Thursd. - Featured

Extra: Absorption of Substances From the Air

A plant can convert unhealthy substances into other substances, which can serve as food for the plant, for example, or are transported to other parts of the plant. In order to achieve this, these substances from the air must reach the interior of the plant, the cells. And so the plants have to absorb these substances from the air. Pure air on Thursd

Specialized Leaves

The leaves of many plants are specialized in absorbing substances from the air. After all, the CO2 in the air has to be absorbed so that it can be converted into sugars and oxygen using light, and the oxygen produced in this way must be released into the air. Other substances that are present in the air also penetrate the plant via this absorption-route, and water evaporates from the plant as well. The Purest Product Range Air so Pure on Thursd

A Well Regulated Process

The absorption of substances from the air by the leaves is a well-regulated process. There are special entrance gates in the leaves that regulate the exchange of substances between the open air and the interior of the leaf. These small gates, the stomata, can be opened and closed by the plant. The opening and closing of the stomata are controlled by an ingenious system that is influenced by many factors. The stomata are open if the light is present and the plant wants to absorb CO2 in order to produce sugars for the growth of the plant. The stomata close if too much water evaporates, as a result of which the plant may dehydrate. The more the interior of the plant is accessible for the exchange of substances in the air, the better the air-purifying effect.

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