Tiny Easter Treat Nertera

This yellow nertera granadensis is an excellent match for that Easter feeling.

By: THURSD. | 08-04-2020 | 2 min read
Nertera is a tiny plant, the regular pot size is 8 cms. Yet, this Easter treat is screaming for your attention with its lush colors. And did you know nertera is a real Easter treat? Let's anwer some of your questions about this cute plant by Kooij Nertera Natural.
A Real Easter Treat?
The yellow berries of nertera granadensis are an excellent match for the Easter feeling. In a yellow or trendy terracotta pot with a beautiful ribbon, it is a real addition to your Easter presentation! The Easter combinations are ready to order and ready to order.
A.k.a. Coral Moss?
Nertera is also commonly known as coral moss. Contrary to this name, the plant is absolutely not a moss plant. It is a compact growing plant, with a sea of ​​berries, usually orange, but also available in white and in Easter yellow. This gives the plant a very cheerful appearance. Without berries, it shows some similarities with soleirolia, but that is mainly in the shape of the leaf, otherwise, they are two very different plants. If the plant is not too warm and is kept moist, you can certainly enjoy the pea-sized berries for several months.
Kooij Nertera Natural Easter Nertera Suzanne in an 8cms Easter pot by Kooij Nertera Natural
Where to put?
Place the nertera in a bright spot, out of the sun. It needs a fairly cool place. A heated living room is therefore not really ideal. A place in the house where it is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius is most suitable.
Dry head, wet feet?
Correct! The berries should not get wet, so it is best to water the coral moss from below. His water requirement is very great, so great that he should always be with his feet in the water. The easiest way to achieve this is to place it on a saucer or shallow bowl in which you always leave a layer of water. Or you can put it in a closed pot, in which you leave a layer of water. Check it regularly, because in that case, you cannot see how much water is left in the pot. If the root ball dries out, it will usually not recover, or you must have been there very quickly. In the winter it does not need as much water. Extra nutrition is not necessary, so you don't have to fertilize it.
Kooij Nertera Natural Easter Nertera Suzanne in an 8cms Easter pot by Kooij Nertera Natural
Does Nertera Need Pruning?
No, not really. Nertera remains low and therefore does not need to be pruned. However, if it becomes too bulky for your liking, you can tear it and place the parts back in different pots.
Cute, Yet Dangerous?
Yes, taking just a little care would do. The plant is slightly poisonous, so be careful with pets and small children. Final tip: Find some great inspirational photos of this Easter treat on:



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