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A huge range of campanula, hebe, and maori

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Addenda Bio

Addenda® is a brand for flowering plants, founded by a growers' association. As one of the very first growers' associations in the Netherlands, we offer a huge range of campanula, hebe, and maori. From plants in small pots to pots for patios, terraces, and hanging wall planters. If plants have our trademark, you are assured of absolute top quality. Each plant has its own brand and unique character, so you can specifically choose the one that suits you. In addition to outstanding quality, we guarantee you can benefit from an ever-expanding range. During product development, fulfilling the wishes of consumers is always central. Every year around 1,000 new cultivars obtained by crossing are scrutinized by our growers - only the very best pass the inspection. TOTF2020 Addenda We achieve this in combination with environmentally friendly cultivation methods. We use natural predators as far as possible to control any pest and disease. We, the growers of Addenda®, market our products in cooperation with garden centers and florists. Our ambition is always to create the best and most beautiful varieties. To accomplish that aim we carefully select the best varieties and use our time and energy efficiently, with respect for people and our planet. By thinking and acting driven by innovation we can combine sustainable cultivation methods with long-lasting, reliable displays of flowers.


Below we would like to present two of our novelties.

Hebe Vinoa

A brand-new offering is the Hebe Vinoa®. After years of dedicated breeding, Addenda® has succeeded in developing a Hebe with unique shiny leaves in a deep shade of wine red. This inspired the name; the French vin and the Italian vino.

TOTF2020 Addenda
Hebe Vinoa

This well-branching and compact Hebe personifies luxury and brings a flavor of the Mediterranean to your garden or balcony with its burgundy-red foliage and plumes of purple flowers: La Dolce Vita! Hebe Vinoa® is available in various pot sizes from 12 cm to 23 cm.

Unique Selling Points

• ‘Grand Luxe’: exclusive burgundy foliage and purple spikes of 3-4 cm • Unique shiny leaves in a deep shade of wine red • Well-branched and compact • Vinoa® personifies luxury and brings a flavor of the Mediterranean to your garden or balcony Hebe is available from June till October. Get more information with Adwin van Loenen in our sales department.

Campanula Ambella Pink

We can introduce a new sweet pink-colored campanula Ambella® this season! The campanula Ambella Pink is an extension of colors in our existing Ambella range which were white, lavender, intense purple. This new pink-colored campanula is a beautiful addition to the Ambella range and matches the existing colors perfectly.

TOTF2020 Addenda
Campanula Ambella Pink

Semi-finalist Glazen Tulp 2021

Campanula Ambella Pink has been nominated for the Glazen Tulp (Glass Tulip) 2021; the prize for the best market introduction in floriculture held by Royal FloraHolland. This year 2020, customers of Addenda® were already allowed to taste and gain experience with this pink-colored variety. After many positive reactions and results last year, production for the coming season of Ambella® Pink will be scaled up considerably and will be widely available from 2021 in various pot sizes ranging from 10.5 cm to 15 cm. The second round of voting will take place from October, so cast your vote for Ambella Pink via the Glazen Tulp website!

About Campanula Ambella®

Campanula Ambella® is a plant with a more classic style. The bell-shaped flowers give the plant a distinguished appearance. It has a compact, rounded habit with upright flowers. Plant her in a large, attractive pot on the terrace or in a lovely pot and combine with some indoor or outdoor ornaments to make a show-stopping creation! Finished blooming? Simply plant out in the border and enjoy a natural, new display of flowers in September. Campanula Ambella® is available in 4 colors: white, lavender, intense purple & pink, and various pot sizes and varieties. From 7 cm to 60 cm.


Here is an overview of the three product groups available with Addenda. We offer a huge range of campanula, hebe, and maori.


The Maori® plants are trendy and unique, and perfectly consistent with a minimalist style. Less is more is the ideal saying for these unusual (branch-shaped) plants. However, due to their modest greenery, the plants provide a lot of atmosphere in a room and represent the nature element. The Maori® plant is suitable for indoors and outdoors (-5 gr).

TOTF2020 Addenda
Maori Green Leaf

The Maori® comes in three varieties: Green Leaf, Silver Leaf & Little Leaf.

Maori® Green Leaf

The 'Maori® Green Leaf' is a trendy plant that is suitable for growing indoors as well as outdoors. It is also called zigzag plant because the plants will grow in a zigzag, bushy shape. As the name indicates, 'Green Leaf' has fresh green leaves that are small, round, and feel leathery. The branches are light-grey and are covered with soft hairs. This combination guarantees a wonderful contrast in the plant. If you take good care of this plant, you will be rewarded with small, star-shaped yellow flowers.

Maori® Silver Leaf

The 'Maori® Silver Leaf' is a robust plant that is suitable for growing indoors as well as outdoors. The plant has unique silver-colored foliage that colors quickly after appearing. The branches are light-grey and they are covered with soft hairs. The plant will also retain its beautiful, silver color when grown outside. The irregular growth, in combination with the taller narrow shape, gives the plant a robust appearance.

Maori® Little Leaf

The 'Maori® Little Leaf' is a trendy plant that is very suitable for growing indoors but can also be used as a feature plant on the terrace in spring. The plant has a fragile and minimalist structure. As the name indicates, 'Little Leaf' has very tiny leaves which are bright green. Its natural shape is bushy, and it will grow in a zigzag shape.


The abundant display of flowers produced by the Campanula Addenda® is the star attraction of your garden. This perennial will flourish indoors and outdoors. With their classic and cheerful appearance, the Campanulas from Addenda® are perhaps the most rewarding plants you could imagine, with varieties and colors to suit various garden styles.

TOTF2020 Addenda

The campanula is ideal for hanging baskets and looks great in planters and pots. A bare patch of soil in the garden? Why not plant a campanula - they create a superbly attractive ground cover.

Campanula Addenda® is available in two varieties: Ambella & Adansa.


Forever summer with Hebe. Have all the flowers and plants bloomed, but the weather is still wonderful? Extend the summer season in your garden or on your balcony with Hebe: these magical shrubs display spikes of flowers in the most dazzling hues, bloom until at least the end of October, and are adored by bees and butterflies. Sunnyside up! Hebe originates from New Zealand and is now rapidly conquering the Netherlands. The foliage is a vibrant(greyish) green to reddish color, sometimes enlivened with subtle spotting or stripes. It produces impressive spikes of flowers in white, pink, purple, lilac or blue.

TOTF2020 Addenda
Hebe Donna Trio

The shrubby veronica – as Hebe is also known – is the ideal resident to grace borders, beds, and ponds. Hebe is also perfectly at home in pots and baskets. And, as an added bonus in our climate, the plant can withstand quite low temperatures. Hebe will only require protection against extreme frost. And if the weather is kind, Hebe can thrive even until November. Hebe Addenda® is available in five varieties: 1. Donna® – ‘Summer Romance’: the profuse display of flowers in various colors, spikes of 5-7 cm 2. Classica® – ‘Simple Chic’: variegated foliage, blue spikes 3. Granda® – ‘Minimalistic Design’: clean, sharp lines with large blue plumes 4. Petita® – ‘Less is More’: compact, but richly blooming, perfect in flower arrangements 5. Vinoa® – ‘Grand Luxe’: exclusive burgundy foliage and purple spikes of 3-4 cm

Hebe: brings your garden to life • is available in many colors, sizes, and styles • blooms well into autumn • can withstand cold conditions • happy in full sun or partial shade • stays green all year round

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