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Your Host in This Online Booth

Welcome to our online booth on Thursd! My name is Daphne Hoogeveen and I am responsible for marketing at Floritec. We are proud to present our products and stories in this online exhibition. Do you have any questions or remarks? Please let me know at [email protected], and I am very happy to inform you. Please enjoy this online exhibition!
TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec - Daphne Hoogeveen
Daphne Hoogeveen
Since the summer of 2021, Floritec presents itself with a new logo and a completely new look. This represents better than ever what we stand for. The slogan 'Customized Breeding' means tailor-made, relevant, and leading flower and plant varieties with reduced susceptibility to diseases, pests, cultivation, and climate conditions. Read-more-about-Floritec

Customization by Floritec

The still young breeder Floritec is making great strides in its development. We are now the market leader in santinis, pot chrysanthemums, but also pot celosias. We work closely with a large number of growers and breed on location, anywhere in the world. Such a way of working is unique in chrysanthemum breeding. This approach does not only supply growers with varieties that are better suited to their production companies, but it also means that growers can serve the chain of trade and retail with unique products. An important starting point remains the focus on tolerance and resistance, making cultivation simpler, more reliable, and more sustainable. A continuous flow of new, relevant varieties is the result, such as the Ellison, Rossi, Maverick, Da Vinci, and Dynamic families in chrysanthemums and the Floriosa family in celosia.
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Santini Ellison Santini Rossi
Santini Ellison & Santini Rossi
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Santini Maverick
Santini Maverick
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Pot mum Da Vinci - Pot mum Dynamic
Pot mum Da Vinci & Pot mum Dynamic
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Celosia Twisted
Celosia Twisted
Floritec TOTF2021FE 02 - Celosia Floriosa - Celosia Intenz
Celosia Floriosa & Celosia Intenz
This is now attracting quite some attention: the recently held flowering trials in Colombia were enthusiastically attended by almost all Colombian chrysanthemum companies. My Floritec colleagues Ruud Smit and Juan Naranjo enthusiastically showed all the novelties.
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Flower Trials Colombia 01
Flower Trials in Colombia with Juan Naranjo
There was great interest in the striking disbudded chrysanthemum Sei Rewind, in the very well dye-able chrysanthemum Salvador and in the cheerful and sunny chrysanthemum Zippo.


Floritec invests heavily in the production company Xclusive in Uganda, which is responsible for the supply of the starting material. The best cuttings are picked and selected here on a daily basis. Quality control already takes place during the picking process and also afterward.
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Uganda
Xclusive in Uganda
In addition, new locations will be developed in the important production areas of the Netherlands and Colombia in the coming year. The collaboration with our Japanese parent company, the market leader in large-flowered chrysanthemums, among other products, is intense and is being further intensified despite the restrictions on travel to and from Japan. Floritec's own organization has also been firmly strengthened with more and additional knowledge and expertise. New product managers and account managers are committed to being reliable discussion partners for producers and retailers, ensuring good coordination in the chain.
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Flower Trials Disbudded White
White disbudded chrysanthemums from Flower Trials, still in their testing phase.
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Flower Trials Disbudded Pink
Pink disbudded chrysanthemums from Flower Trials, still in their testing phase.
Whether it concerns niche markets or mainstream, Floritec has and makes special varieties with and for each partner. With these varieties producers and buyers distinguish themselves. And they fit better to the local cultivation conditions as well. In addition, there is a reduced susceptibility to diseases and pests and they are in line with market demand. Distinctiveness is important in a mature market where margins are limited and risks are not insignificant. Floritec's mission of 'Customized Breeding' creates the opportunity for every horticulturist to develop a unique, tailor-made portfolio.
Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Pot mum Dynamic
Pot Chrysanthemum Dynamic

Contact Floritec

Meet Floritec at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2021: Floritec TOTF2021 FE - FHTF Floritec TOTF2021 FE - Booth FHTF For more information, questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Floritec Trading BV Visiting address: Van Hemessenkade 7 2481 BG Woubrugge Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)172 518 963 Thursd socials website internet  Thursd socials email  Thursd socials facebook  Thursd socials instagram  Thursd socials youtube  Thursd socials linkedin


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