Royal Van Zanten’s Top Novelties Visible in a Hybrid Form

Enjoy this online booth at Thursd Online Trade Fair, and don't forget to hop onto the Virtual Inspiration Events.

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Here's what to expect this fall and winter season from breeder Royal Van Zanten. Get your inspiration with our great assortment of cut flowers and pot plants.

Sneak Preview of Our Cut Flowers for 2022

Year after year, season after season, Royal Van Zanten develops new varieties and improves the existing ones. All to help growers get the best out of their production and to inspire traders, florists, and consumers with the most beautiful and long-lasting flowers and plants. Enjoy this online booth at Thursd Online Trade Fair, and don't forget to hop onto the Virtual Inspiration Events for more flowers and pot plants at the Royal Van Zanten 3D shows.


Our alstroemeria varieties are true eye-catchers: beautiful to look at and absolutely stand out in bouquets. With so many different color shades in our range, you can respond to seasons and trends all year round. With an outstanding vase life and all flowers fully opening, the consumer can go on enjoying a colorful, radiant bouquet of alstroemeria for a long time. In 2022 several new varieties will be added to our assortment: alstroemeria Virgin Queen, alstroemeria Shiny Purple, alstroemeria Mykonos, alstroemeria Ruby Velvet, and alstroemeria Dark Intenz Pink.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Alstroemeria Mix
Alstroemeria Mix
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Alstroemeria Shiny Purple - Mykonos
From left to right: alstroemeria Shiny Purple, alstroemeria Mykonos
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Alstroemeria Ruby Velvet - Dark Intenz Pink
From left to right: alstroemeria Ruby Velvet, alstroemeria Dark Intenz Pink


With our statice varieties, you’ll brighten up every bouquet and add instant value. The flowers are vibrant, super strong, versatile, and have a very long vase life with no color fading, even after drying. The latest edition to our assortment is the unique peach-colored statice Apricot Sun Birds; a stylish, trendy newcomer that will take any floral creation to the next level.

Limonium China Series

Limonium has instant appeal. The delicate-looking yet super strong, versatile flowers in soft colors are superb in contemporary bouquets. But they're also perfect for use as dried flowers. Our colorful limonium China series invites you to create lush bouquets, giving free rein to your creativity.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Limonium Mix
Limonium Mix


Our eye-catching and sparkling chrysanthemum varieties in spray, disbud, and santini are making the difference! Steady, reliable, and versatile varieties that will never disappoint you in any way and are therefore loved by everyone. Our latest disbud variety chrysanthemum Cruella surprises you with her quirky, amazing flower shape. The effect is further enhanced by the bright orange color that perfectly matches the latest trends.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Chrysanthemum Cruella
Chrysanthemum Cruella


The Charmelia series is being expanded again. Following the success of Charmelia Pink, Charmelia White, and Charmelia Blush, a new color is added to the series: sunny Charmelia Yellow. With this new Charmelia color, you can now create radiant yellow bouquets that perfectly match the latest trends, but also fill the need for happiness, friendliness, and optimism. This new yellow stunner also has the unique characteristics Charmelia is celebrated for: an enchanting appearance, rich flowering, and exceptionally long vase life. Charmelia stays fresh and radiant in the vase for up to 21 days.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Charmelia Mix
Charmelia Mix


Trendy, unique, and versatile, that’s bouvardia. This beauty is fantastic both solo and mixed. It makes little difference whether you choose her as the leading lady or give her a small supporting role. She will shine anyway and is suitable for every occasion!. New in 2022 is bouvardia Princie Dark.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Bouvardia Mix
Bouvardia Mix

Virtual Inspiration Event Flowers - A Colorful 3D Tour

There's a lot more to see and enjoy. Come and see our Virtual Inspiration Event Flowers. Check-in and take a colorful 3D tour; a tour you do not easily forget! Experience the impact of color and discover our complete collection of cut flowers in an endless array of colors – from luminous yellow to deep dark purple – in a playful way. Look out for the bouquets and flower sculptures in striking color combinations and DIYs that you can get going with straight away. TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Flowers - Virtual Event Scan de QR-code with your smartphone or click on this link to start the ride!

Sneak Preview of Our New Plants for 2022

Stay on the lookout for these new plant varieties coming to you from Royal Van Zanten. Some will be available in a limited amount this year.

Pot Chrysanthemum Series: Shine

Chrysanthemum Shine is a new series that is recognizable by its small, elegant flowers. Available in three main colors: chrysanthemum Shine White, chrysanthemum Shine Yellow, and chrysanthemum Shine Pink.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Chrysanthemum Shine
From left to right: Chrysanthemum Shine White, chrysanthemum Shine Yellow, and chrysanthemum Shine Pink.

New Celosias: Hot Topic® Golden, Merida® Pink & Merida® Red

A true golden addition to our celosia assortment is celosia Hot Topic® Golden. The sun will start to shine when you see this ochre yellow cristata celosia. A very trendy color that will suit many of the Instagrammable homes of interior junkies. There is more than just the purple spicata celosias! We have also other colors. This year we brought back celosia Merida® Red and an improved version of the celosia Merida® Pink. Cool-looking plants usually are popular among the plant dads.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Celosia
From left to right: Celosia Merida® Red, celosia Hot Topic® Golden, and celosia Merida® Pink.

Bigger Is Better; These Are the New Chrysanthemum Disbuds in Pot

You'll probably know our chrysanthemum Fireworks™. Next year her new plant friend Firestone will become available. Chrysanthemum Firestone is a big and massive spider-type flower in a beautiful sophisticated pink shade. Chrysanthemum Nova Lime was already available as a regular pot chrysanthemum, but as a disbud, this plant truly catches your attention. Nova Lime has a sister called Nova Yellow! Chrysanthemum Nova Yellow has yellow decorative flowers with a unique green edge. During our recent flower trials, she was THE showstopper.
TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Chrysanthemum Disbud
Chrysanthemum Firestone, chrysanthemum Nova Lime, and chrysanthemum Nova Yellow.

Like to See More Plants? Visit Our Digital Plant Journey!

Missed the trials this year? Perhaps you were not able to travel to our breeding greenhouses? No worries, visit our digital 7-days plant journey here: TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Plants There is also a special retail section with inspiration for garden centers and florist/ plant shops. Here you’ll find inspiration for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and much more! TOTF2021FE 08 Royal Van Zanten - Plants

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