These Are the Latest Introductions From Red Lands Roses

See some of the forty new varieties of garden and regular spray roses that we have introduced in the past twelve months.

By: THURSD. | 28-10-2021 | 2 min read
Red Lands Roses is known the world over for our quality, our wide range of roses (over 200 varieties), and our ability to constantly renew our portfolio based on the market demand. In the last twelve months, we have added forty new varieties of garden and regular spray roses. We also launched a whole new category of flowers we call the Mini Must Series – the Mini Roses you must have. This category contains roses with many small heads.

Introducing the Mini Must Series

The Mini Must Series is made up of five spray rose varieties: Mini Must Snowy White, Mini Must Teeny Weeny Mini Must Fuchsia, Mini Must Wild Éclair and Mini Must Wild Radish. Their vase life is extremely impressive at an average of fifteen days!
TOTF2021FE 06 Red Lands Roses - Spray Rose Mini-Must Wild Eclair
Spray rose Mini Must Wild Éclair
The most exciting part about this new series is seeing what renowned floral designers do with them.
TOTF2021FE 06 Red Lands Roses - Spray Rose Mini Must Snowy White by Mickael Rault
Spray rose Mini Must Snowy White by Mickael Rault
TOTF2021FE 06 Red Lands Roses - Spray Rose Mini Must Wild Radish by Mickael Rault
Spray rose Mini Must Wild Radish by Mickael Rault

Introducing Our Novelties

Our product list is dynamic as it continuously evolves to meet the market’s demand. Here are some of our new varieties.

We Love Our Community

At the heart of Red Lands Roses is a deep desire to improve the lives of the community around us and especially the women who were traditionally allowed fewer opportunities. 60% of the employees at Red Lands Roses are women, a choice made to empower them, their families, and by extension the entire community. In addition, Red Lands Roses supports a group of Maasai women who campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM). Traditionally, the circumcision of girls was done as a rite of passage. However, over the years it became clear that the practice puts the girls' lives at risk during childbirth and it compromised the quality of their lives. Namaiyana Maasai Women Group is a registered group of Maasai women who educate their girls on the dangers of FGM while campaigning against the practice in their community. Red Lands Roses supports their art by purchasing their beautiful necklaces and bracelets. They use the funds to educate their girls and further create a cycle of women that are not only against FGM but also educated and empowered enough to fight against the practice.

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