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Who Are We?

Union Fleurs – International Flower Trade Association was founded in 1959 in Brussels as an international umbrella organization for national associations and companies active in the floricultural trade. We have nowadays members in 20 countries worldwide (in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South and North America, and Asia), gathering over 3,000 companies involved in the import, export, wholesale, distribution, and production of cut flowers, foliage, and pot plants. Membership accounts for more than 80% of the total value of the worldwide trade of cut flowers and pot plants. TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs Members The main purpose of Union Fleurs as a membership-driven organization is to promote, represent and defend the interests of its members involved in the import, export, wholesale, distribution, and production of cut flowers and pot plants in the EU and beyond.

What Does It Mean?

In essence, it means that we believe that moving the international floriculture industry forward is best done collectively, by promoting and shaping together with our members a sound and sustainable pre-competitive environment for the international floriculture value chain. In practice, this is how we best define and sum up our activities as an international association:

1. We represent, participate and advocate

Union Fleurs actively engages on behalf of its members with a large variety of policymakers, public authorities, and official institutions in the EU and beyond to represent their common interests and those of the wider floriculture supply-chain whenever regulatory and policy matters that have implications for the international trade of cut flowers and pot plants are at stake (international trade, phytosanitary regulations, customs, etc). Our legitimacy and representativeness are largely recognized by our high-level institutional interlocutors. We have on many occasions successfully voiced the interests and specific needs of our members in key institutional forums and, as a result, influenced policymaking for the optimal benefit of our members and the floriculture supply chain at large. TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs

TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 12 Richard Fox TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 13 Board

2. We anticipate, facilitate and address

We provide our members with a networking and information platform to discuss what is impacting the floriculture industry today and in the future, and to explore together how to embrace changes and address regulatory or reputational issues in a responsible, coordinated, and participative manner. Sustainability and responsible production and sourcing of flowers & plants have been an integral part of Union Fleurs’ agenda for several years as they are closely related to our key areas of attention: facilitating seamless markets & trade, opening up markets, and removing trade barriers. This explains the involvement of Union Fleurs in FSI – the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative from its very start in 2013, and our active contribution to the elaboration of a coherent proposition. We will continue to dedicate attention and expertise to the sustainability agenda of the floriculture industry in the years to come as it is of crucial importance and benefit to all our members and supply-chain partners. TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 21 Union Fleurs members TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 22 FSI pledge

3. We promote, stimulate and inform

We provide industry intelligence tools to our members, help them connect and exchange, and keep them informed and up-to-date on industry and policy dynamics to inspire them on how to best adapt and embrace changes. We interact with the media to give light to ongoing developments in the floriculture industry as needed. We also help give visibility - towards the general public as well as targeted institutional interlocutors - to the positive contribution of the floriculture industry to society in producing countries and to the benefits of flowers & plants for healthier lifestyles in destination markets in order to stimulate consumption and sales. This, in turn, contributes to the agenda of our members and to growth perspectives for the floriculture industry. TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 01 BBC Made on Earth - Flowers TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 01 BBC Made on Earth - Flowers Background article: “The 4,000-mile flower delivery“

Why Become a Member?

• Receive regular members-exclusive news and information on regulatory and industry developments that might impact the international floricultural trade, including: weekly Media Review, In Bloom Members’ newsletter, access to International Statistics Flowers & Plants • Exchange views and expertise with the other members and wider network • Contribute to develop common positions and a proactive agenda for the floriculture agenda and help influence policy-making through Union Fleurs advocacy activities • Benefit from the networking opportunities offered by an organization with an international dimension TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 23 In Bloom banner

TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 27 Members meeting Sanremo
Members meeting Sanremo, Italy, 2018
TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 28 Kenyan Flower Council
Kenyan Flower Council
TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 29 members meeting Sweden
Members meeting Sweden 2019
TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 30 60 Years
60 Years Union Fleurs
TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 25 Floriforum 2018
Floriforum 2018
TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 33 Floriforum 2019
Floriforum 2019

TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 31 Floriforum logo

TOTF2021SE 35 Union Fleurs 32 Floriforum 2019
Floriforum 2019

Interested in Joining Us?

• Drop us a line by email: [email protected] to enquire about membership options and terms & conditions. Contact person: Ms. Sylvie Mamias, Union Fleurs Secretary-General. • National associations representing floriculture traders & wholesalers can apply for full membership. • Individual companies and organizations involved in the floriculture trade or providing services to the industry can apply for affiliate membership.

To get to know us better and support our activities:

• Check out our website and our regular news announcement on the homepage • Follow us on social media Thursd socials website internet  Thursd socials email  Thursd socials twitter  Thursd socials linkedin UNION FLEURS aisbl Avenue Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23 / Box A91 B- 1050 Brussels Belgium Phone +32 498 59 59 38



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