What's New From Koppe Begonia?

Bringing begonia to a higher level with new wondrous varieties and wonderful colors.

By: THURSD. | 28-10-2021 | 3 min read
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As your begonia specialist, Koppe Begonia is always busy developing this wonderful and wondrous plant toward a higher level, with new varieties and colors. There is so much more to enjoy from the world of begonias! In our online booth at Thursd Online Trade Fair, we give you a glimpse into this world.

The Unique New Begonia Florencio

The outdoor use of begonia has increased rapidly over the last few years. By combining tuberous begonia with begonia boliviensis, Koppe developed a unique series called Florencio, 'the outdoor begonia'. Florencio is characterized by large upward-facing flowers. The plants are very vigorous and can be produced by the growers in a short period. The consumer will enjoy continuous color and growth. Florencio is grown by Willem Kuipers in 9cm pots, and Arjo Maat in 12cm pots.
TOTF2021FE 20 Koppe Begonia - Florencio Orange
Begonia Florencio Orange

Huge Flowers from Begonia Belove

Begonia Belove is a true elatior type that excels due to its huge flowers and a short growing time. This lovely begonia performs both indoor as well as outdoor. Placed on the terrace or patio in semi-shade, Belove flower up to October, even in our Dutch climate. Belove is grown by Pligt Professionals in 14cm pots, and J&P Ten Have in 19cm pots.

Cute Little Begonia Sweeties

Begonia is of course used a lot as an indoor house plant. New for this market is begonia Sweeties. The cute little plants are developed for growing in 9-12cm pots. They produce a sea of small flowers on a ball of small leaves. Sweeties brighten up your home in many spots. Sweeties is grown by Willem Kuipers in 9cm pots, and Pligt Professionals in 12cm pots.
Begonia Sweeties

Koppe Begonia is the Begonia Specialist

Koppe is the begonia specialist, showing passion, quality, reliability, and a desire to be the best! The passion for begonias guarantees its future success, while Koppe also believes in the importance of socially responsible enterprise with sympathy for humankind and the environment. All rooted cuttings are graded with the support of a modern camera system, so the grower gets a uniform plant material resulting in the best flowering potted plants.

There's A Begonia Variety for Everyone

Begonia breeding is a time-consuming and rigorous job. Our professional breeding team focuses on combining customer and market preferences with a product that can easily be grown. The huge botanical diversity in Begonia makes that there is a variety for everyone. After a long series of tests, Koppe releases every year in June at Flower Trials a number of new varieties.

Passion for quality in Begonia

Koppe Begonia was established in 1910 with the intention of creating a thriving business with a passion for plants. The company is a genuine family business. With consistent and well-rooted cuttings, Koppe provides growers with the groundwork for a top-quality product. They consider it important to invest in long-term collaborations with suppliers, growers, distributors, licensed partners, and employees. And that is the foundation of their success.
TOTF2021FE 20 Koppe Begonia Sweeties
Begonia Sweeties White

Contact Koppe Begonia

For more information, questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Visiting address head office: Fazantlaan 10 3852 AM Ermelo Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)341 552 331 Thursd socials website internet  Thursd socials email  Thursd socials facebook  Thursd socials instagram  Thursd socials youtube



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