VG Orchids Presents Tiny Dolls!

Perfect in combination with our [email protected] pot

By: THURSD. | 21-01-2021 | 3 min read
From January 2021, VG Orchids started delivering Tiny Dolls. TOTF2021 VG Orchids

A New Look and Feel

With this step, VG professionalizes and strengthens its position in the market for phalaenopsis in the 6cm pot size. The launch of Tiny Dolls is accompanied by a new look and feel of the various packaging and added value. In the course of 2021, a number of concepts will be added to this, such as a new gift packaging. With this, VG creates a wider collection. With the Tiny Dolls brand, VG continues to strive for the highest quality with multi-stems and good shelf life.

History of the 6cm Production

In addition to the 12cm phalaenopsis, in which specialties are mainly marketed, and the Royal Art collection with its different colors, VG has been producing the phalaenopsis in pot size 6cm since 2008. With a market share bigger than 40%, this underlines VG's position in the market. In order to be able to continue to grow with the own brand VG, it was decided to let go of the name Little Lady on 1 January.

[email protected]

As you are used to from us, we also deliver the Tiny Dolls in our trusted [email protected] pot. This concept has been developed to optimally guarantee the quality of our Tiny Dolls. The small pot clicks around the growing pot and in this way a water reservoir is created. When Tiny Dolls leave the nursery, water is provided. All water that is not directly absorbed by the plant is collected in this water reservoir. During the transport phase from the nursery to the consumer, the collected water will slowly evaporate and be absorbed by the plant. As a result, the Tiny Dolls receive sufficient moisture for the duration of 10 to 12 days. In this way, they remain beautiful for longer and prevent bud fall and extend the shelf life. The big advantage for you or your customer is that Tiny Dolls in [email protected] reduce the costs associated with the care of the plant. The shelf life will also increase, which will result in a turnover-increasing effect and less "waste" on the shop floor. In short, time for a new name and appearance with the trusted quality. TOTF2021 VG Orchids Tiny Dolls Aqu@

How [email protected] Works

The [email protected] is a little pot that we click onto the nursery pot so that a water reservoir is created. The Tiny Doll is watered upon leaving the nursery. The water that is not directly absorbed by the Tiny Dolls gathers into the water reservoir. During transportation from the nursery to the consumer, the water collected in the reservoir slowly evaporates and is absorbed by the plant. The Tiny Dolls receive enough water for 10 to 12 days, which allows them to stay beautiful for longer.

The Advantages of [email protected]

The biggest advantage offered by [email protected] Easy Care is that it allows you, the client, to reduce the costs involved in caring for the plant. It also extends the shelf life, which will serve to increase your profits and drastically reduce your waste. The Tiny Dolls absorb water throughout the transportation process, from the nursery to the consumer, and arrives on and depart from the shop floor while still fresh and beautiful. TOTF2021 VG Orchids Tiny Dolls Aqu@

Easy Care with [email protected]

The main advantages of our [email protected] system are that it reduces the frequency by which you need to water the plant. The plant’s quality remains constant and no extra care is required. We want to make things easier on you, the exporter, the retailer, and the consumer. So, choose Easy Care! TOTF2021 VG Orchids Tiny Dolls Aqu@

The product [email protected]

Thanks to technology and the use of precision tools, the [email protected] has been specially tailored for us so that it fits our nursery pots. And to complete the look of the Tiny Dolls, the plant is often supplied in a ceramic or glass pot, a flower pot cover, or in a gift box. We have created a custom line of ceramic pots, especially for the [email protected] Please contact VG Orchids for more information.

The Tiny Dolls are available now. All year round!

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