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By: ARNOLD WITTKAMP | 16-09-2020 | 7 min read
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Decorum Plants

As a true plant lover, I have collected some stunning plants for you, which I saw today, the 16th of September, 2020. These plants are all available as Decorum plants. Decorum is a high-quality brand name in which only the best products from the grower are offered. You have to understand that in greenhouses not every plant from the same greenhouse that is harvested has the same quality. And that is where the Decorum brand comes into play.

In Decorum you can only find the best products of a particular grower. So for example, when a grower is growing Ficus Benjamina, then let's say about 20 to 30% of his production can be labeled as Decorum because those are the heaviest and best-looking plants he is harvesting. The other 70-80% he will sell in another way, for example in different trays or sleeves. Under his own brand name, or maybe in a private label for a larger retailer. Still good of course, but of 'lesser' quality. Enjoy the 15 Decorum plants of right now!

1) Calathea 'Flamestar'

The Calathea Flamestar from grower Valstar is a real eye-catcher. Once you have a close look at the graphic, very detailed leaf pattern, it’s almost hard to believe it’s all mother nature’s work.


Calathea are wonderful, highly decorative foliage plants with air-purifying qualities too. There are many species available all of which need a little care and attention for them to appear at their best. Calathea is closely related to the Maranta (Prayer Plant) and both are known and loved for their impressive, ornamental foliage, which opens with the morning light and closes again at night time. Calathea originates from the tropical Americas. Think warm and humid, with bright diffused sunlight filtering through the canopy and you have a good idea of the sort of environment in which Calathea will thrive best. Replicate this as far as you can in your home and you will be rewarded with a magnificent plant. The superb markings on the leaves are the main focal point. Simply house in a plain ceramic pot and let the plant do the rest to create an eye-catching display!


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Calathea 'Flamestar'
Calathea 'Flamestar'


2) Syngonium 'Pink'

You may have heard of Syngonium without realizing it. This semi-tropical plant (hailing from Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico) is commonly known as the arrowhead or butterfly plant. The low-maintenance Syngonium is for sure a Decorum plant of right now and is an interesting and versatile houseplant. The attractive foliage changes in shape as the individual leaves change from juvenile to mature.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Syngonium
Syngonium Pink


3) Scented Phalaenopsis

This strong-scented Phalaenopsis is quite rare. There are quite a few strong scented species and varieties of orchids around, but there aren't so many smelling Phalaenopsis. Well, this one of Decorum, is for sure a strong scented one.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Phalaenopsis Scented Orange
Phalaenopsis Scented Orange


4) Aglaonema Stripes

The fact that nature is the best abstract painter is reflected in the aglaonemas, which all have beautiful, large leaves with the most beautiful drawings. Look at this Decorum Aglaonema Stripes from grower JoGrow below for proof of this!


In the wild, there are about fifty species of aglaonema, originating from East Asia, mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Here they grow in the damp and dim forests. This means that they also prefer little sun in your house, but thrive with just a little daylight. More difficult to imitate in your own home: the high humidity that makes the aglaonema so comfortable.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Aglaonema Stripes
Aglaonema Stripes


5) Solanum Pseudocapsicum

Solanum Pseudocapsicum from grower Van den Berg in the Netherlands is native from Mexico South through Brazil and is thought to have been introduced to Europe via Portuguese traders coming back to Madeira - thus the other common name of Madeira Winter Cherry -  and eventually Portugal from Brazil. Solanum pseudocapsicum is a nightshade species with mildly poisonous fruit. So not to consume!


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Solanum Pseudocapsicum
Solanum Pseudocapsicum


6) Schefflera Amate Lime 'Soleil'

Who else loves the lime green foliage of this Schefflera Amate Soleil? What a stunning plant! This stunning evergreen is part of the umbrella tree family and can grow up to 4m tall! It is a happy and go-lucky, low fuss houseplant if kept in filtered light conditions.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Schefflera Amate Lime 'Soleil'
Schefflera Amate Lime 'Soleil'


7) Sansevieria Zeylanica Fan

Sansevieria Zeylanica, widely known by the common name of Ceylon Bowstring Hemp or simply, bowstring hemp, is an evergreen perennial species of the Sansevieria plant genus from the Asparagaceae family. This Sansevieria Zeylanica of decorum of grower Duijn Hove is particularly really special because of its fan-shaped form.

Sansevieria Zeylanica

Sansevieria Zeylanica, a.k.a. the bowstring hemp plant is mainly grown either as an indoor floor plant, due to its hardy nature and easy care, or, commercially, for its fiber. The fiber obtained from the leaves of Sansevieria Zeylanica and Sansevieria Trifasciata is widely used in tropical countries (where it is primarily cultivated for this purpose) to make mats, coarse cloth, cordage, sails, and paper pulp. The dried rhizomes and roots of the plant are also used for medicinal purposes in some parts of the world. As indoor plants, the Sansevieria Zeylanica plant makes a great display.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Sanseveria Zeylanica Fan
Sansevieria Zeylanica Fan


8) Helleborus Niger 'Christmas'

Helleborus niger, commonly called Christmas rose or black hellebore, is an evergreen perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae. It is poisonous. Although the flowers resemble wild roses (and despite its common name), Christmas rose does not belong to the rose family. Once the Helleborus Niger 'Christmas' from grower Freek van der Velden was only available around Christmas, today its offering, and hence its use, is extended before and after Christmas.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Helleborus Niger 'Christmas'
Helleborus Niger 'Christmas'


9) Areca Catechu

Areca Catechu is a species of palm which grows in much of the tropical Pacific, Asia, and parts of east Africa. The palm is believed to have originated in the Philippines, but is widespread in cultivation and is considered naturalized in many tropical countries and regions. And now this Areca Catechu from grower Duynplant is also available for use in your home as a small Decorum potted plant!


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Areca Catechu
Areca Catechu


10) Haworthia Limifolia

Haworthia Limifolia, (Fairies Washboard) are charming, compact succulent plants. It rarely exceeds four inches in a potted container, making it the perfect addition to a window sill or desk. It belongs to the Haworthiopsis genus, which includes the popular zebra cactus. These plants, native to South Africa were first cultivated in the early 1900s. And in less than a hundred years, the Haworthia plants found their way to homes across the globe. Grower Nederpel Succulenten is one of the companies making this possible today.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Haworthia Limifolia
Haworthia Limifolia


11) Phalaenopsis Mirror Old Pink

The phalaenopsis has a nice round bow and is called marrow because each side is a mirror from the other... Not so much for the shape, but oh so her color is something to really admire in this Decorum top-quality phalaenopsis.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Phalaenopsis Mirror Old Pink
Phalaenopsis Mirror Old Pink


12) Dracaena Surculosa

Dracaena Surculosa from grower Duynplant is a gorgeous plant. It has glossy green leaves and white and yellow splotches over the leaf surface. One can easily see from this photo why it has the common name Dracaena Gold Dust.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Dracaena Surculosa
Dracaena Surculosa


13) Celosia Deep Purple

The Celosia Caracas Deep Purple from grower Ammerlaan-Sosef is a very versatile plant with an unusual, yet elegant shaped flower that can display quite a lot of different shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. This flower is often referred to as a cockscomb and is a more popular term used by gardeners due to its appearance.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Celosia Caracas Deep Purple
Celosia Deep Purple


14) Adiantum Raddianum Fragrans

The black stalked, triangular fronds of this elegant Adiantum Raddianum Fragrans a.k.a maidenhair fern are made up of lots of lobed segments, which create a soft and lacey effect. The coloring of the fronds is pretty too - being a soft yellowish green initially, but turning a darker green as they mature. This is a wonderful plant for a larger terrarium as it loves a humid atmosphere, but it will also flourish in a steamy bathroom or kitchen.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Adiantum Raddianum 'Fragrans'
Adiantum Raddianum Fragrans


15) Aphelandra Squarrosa

Aphelandra Squarrosa (commonly but ambiguously called 'zebra plant') is a plant species in the family Acanthaceae, which is native to the Atlantic forest vegetation of Brazil. Aphelandra Squarrosa makes a wonderful zebra houseplant. The intriguing foliage and the production of the beautiful bracts are your reward for the care you give your Aphelandra Squarrosa plant from grower Richplant.


15 Best Decorum Plants for right now - Aphelandra Squarrosa
Aphelandra Squarrosa


This selection of 15 Decorum plants of right now was made easy for me because all these amazing house plants were on stock at a local wholesaler. (Many thanks to plant exporter and wholesaler Waterdrinker in Aalsmeer where I spotted all these plants in week 38, 2020).

Arnold Wittkamp

Arnold Wittkamp is a true plant & flower lover with 25 years of experience in the flower industry. He owned a flower shop for over 10 years and worked as a freelancer with top florists. He also did wholesale and import & export of cut flowers and potted plants. Now specialized in (online) marketing and communication strategies Arnold loves to write not only about beautiful flowers but also about marketing & communication strategies for horticultural companies.


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