April's Flowers By Jimmy Englund

Some amazing designs from Sweden

By: JIMMY ENGLUND | 10-04-2020 | 2 min read
Hi, I am Jimmy Englund
I am Jimmy Englund from Sweden. Besides dancing, I find great pleasure in working with flowers. As the manager and artistic director of Stilfloristerna – a flower shop in Linköping in Sweden, I love to push the creative boundaries when working with flowers. Most of my creations take place in daily life in my shop, where creativity is not just for show or photography, but especially for each customer. On this page I share some of my work, hope to be of inspiration to other florists around the world. This time I start with a little darkness. With the stunning Vanda's from Ansu Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 07
  A nice contrast is this white heart I've made with some flowers from Ansu Vanda, Montana Lisianthus and gerberas from Holstein. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 03
  Following in white is a bridal bouquet. I think it is so crucially important to help growers, by showing what we can create in color and shape with their particular flowers. Here is the fantastic Vanda orchid from Ansu created in nature / pink / brown tones ... Magic tones for me, in this case it was very dried (no fan of) but found nothing else in a short time that fit in colors. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 09
  Just love to do funeral decorations, hearts, wreath... here with some roses from Berg Roses, eryngium and delphinium from Marginpar. Strong together!!! Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 08
  A close up with Amazing Vanda from Ansu Vanda. Lathyrus from Lathyrus.NL and astilbe from Amazing Astilbe. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 02
  Just sending some love to you all out there. A simple heart, made with orchids from CyMoreFlavour.. Lovely cymbidiums. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 06
  Lovely wreath with roses from Berg Roses, Vanda's from Ansu Vanda and lisianthus from Montana Lisianthus. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 10
  Spring Bouquet with amazing flowers from growers as Lathyrus.NL, Marginpar and Berg Roses. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 04
  So proud of this, REALLY love these colors and flower choices. The base is the lovely rose Sophia Lorens from Berg Roses, the lathyrus is from Lathyrus.NL and some erysimum and gypsophylla. Jimmy Englund's April flowers - Blogger on Thursd - 01 Do you want to know more about me, Jimmy Englund? Click my profile below to see my social channels and contact details.
Jimmy Englund

Jimmy Englund is a creative florist, and manager and artistic director of Stilfloristerna – one of the most stylish and unique flower shops in Sweden.


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